Monday, January 17, 2005


goddamn! i'm drinkin' some hoe-ass chai...

...and by hoe, yes, i mean it tastes like REAL dirty ass!

so i'm in wicker park and the COOL coffee shop charges $3 an hour for wireless--LAME!

i live in a "ghetto"...well, ghetto by boston's standards. a mother and her kids like above me. one of them is handicapped because he was shot in a drive-by shooting (note: not in the area i am living in though...the government moved them to my building..which only has four apartments..pretty small.) there's this rad black dude underneath us with fucked up teeth named charlie.

oh, people are smoking this coffee shop-- a lot of people to me exact.

it's been so fucking cold here i haven't wanted to go out at all. scott does have a car, so we've been driving to places during the day...

there is a pretty cool record store called reckless records in wicker park...i doubt they're hiring. i'm meeting with the video data bank tomorrow, and hopefully i will get an internship--and if i'm really lucky, maybe even a job!!! i'm going to try and sign up for a german class at the goethe, which starts tomorrow....i'm also planning to drop by facets and see if they're looking for any part-time help.... if all of the above goes to shit...well, expect to see me real soon!!!!!!!!

scott's mom has been here for a few days. she really hooked us up: food, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, furniture--she's amazing to say the least! and so this restaurant she couldn't get over people smoking inside..

as for chicago in general, i'm not that impressed. it's big and dirty and ugly and--i guess--dangerous. that's how chicago is have to really crack the crust to get to the good shit. the subway's expensive--that $1.75 one ride.

i'll let you know what happens tomorrow.
nicole, thanks for the nico song--it's a lifesaver.
jess, i wish i could have gotten a wiff of those meaty farts you were letting today.
ethan, i've bookmarked the enema tips. i'm sure they'll come in handy someday. tell katie there is A LOT to photograph here--and i do mean that in any way you want to take it--APPLY TO THE FUCKING SCHOOL HERE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

later massholes.
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