Monday, January 24, 2005


Ich heisse Zach. Wie heissen Sie?


so i hope you all aren't totally snowed in! today is the first day that things are finally clearing up--no more snow! scott and i had to dig his car out yesterday--took about 40 minutes, with the aided help of some homeless dude.

ubuweb is amazing--that's where i got "i am sitting in a room" and tons of fluxus stuff for my art history presentation.

today was scott's orientation at the school, so i accompanied him since friends and family were invited. the more i learn about the art institute, the more i want to get in! some guy from boston talked about all the abroad trips the school offers, including winter interim trips to japan, prague, etc. you get to go to another country, study the art, history, and architecture there, visit the art schools, and get space to make work!!

i haven't started my internship with the video data bank. looks like my first day is going to be a week from thursday. i'm really excited--i'm going to help preserve old videos by transferring them to digital formats and also help archive! i can't wait to start because i'm going to get a staff pass that gets me into all the museums in chicago for free! the internship length is indefinitive with potential to get paid during the summer if i choose to stay. you guys would love this place. it's open to the public. you should go through their catalogs on-line, find out what you'd like to see, and when you come visit (if you come visit, haha) i'll arrange it for you! go to:

nicole, i can't stop laughing because everywhere i go there are icicles of death! so fucking big and scary! they actually block off parts of the sidewalks downtown with signs that say "danger falling ice"...i'm going to start carrying my camera around so i can send you pics. now i just need to add a spider to a toilet bowl and then i'll totally convince you to never come here!

arnold sent me an interesting email today about a school in austria named transart institute. nicole and ethan, i think you guys might be into this...go to their website and read about the program:

ethan, if you do move here. facets is the place for you to work. you'd love it so much. the video store is super tiny. no movies playing--just music that the employees pick out. it's attacted to the cinema, which is about double the video screening room at coolidge. i'm sure nicole told you about the film test i had to take--i thought it was pretty hard. i guess i have a narrow focus in film, there were lots of films/directors i didn't know...i'd heard of them, but couldn't think of names with just a blank line. i'm going to hear back from them in a week. you should really go to their website and join their unlimited rentals. it's $24 a month for unlimited rentals. i just did it the other excited. they have vito acconci's red tapes, fluxus art, exploding plastic inevitable footage...lots of shit!

i saw two interesting documentaries. if they come on in boston, you guys should definitely go check them out.
1) in the realms of the unreal - a doc. on outsider artist henry darger. very interesting to say the least. the director's choice to bring to artist's watercolor paintings to life via animation really fascinated me.
2) superstar in a house dress. it's a doc. on warhol/morrissey drag queen jackie curtis. i was really into this one (go figure), but it was so informative! really makes you think about jackie curtis in a completely different way. great archive footage of performances from the 60s--go see this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scott and i have been scouting the bar scene...some of the coolest so far:
rainbo club - mix of silhouette and the model with no sports playing and art work on the walls. more indie than hipster.
golden star - irvine welsh hangs out here when he's in town apparently. very, very divey. pool table not much more, but seemingly cool kids there...solid mid-twenties scene..NICE!
sonotheque - electronica/dj bar. it's not labled if that tells you anything. this thursday there is going to be a sound installation plus experimental harpist performing.
the empty bottle - like the middle east but a total dive. it took us forever to find it, and it's a block away on the street we live on!!! there is no sign, just the name written with black magic marker on a door... they have free avant-jazz nights every monday.
there are quite a few bars with experimental music nights...i'm hoping a few a them turn out to be cool.

my favorite coffee shop is atomix. very space age. but the music is lacking (still not where near as bad as espresso)... lots of tasty food. i can't stop eating pizza...but there are pretty decent veggie places here.

as for the galleries, haven't been to that many, but they are promising. the spaces are awesome and most of the time unmarked. i've found an amazing performance space called buddy where lots of crazy body art and extreme performances happen. lampo is another experimental performance venue!

--and if all this shit hasn't convinced you to come yet, i have a ton of free admittance tickets for the art institute!

i've been reading lucy lippard's six years. i'm in love with sol lewitt.

just watched:
porcile (pigsty) - pasolini. cannibalism. weird bougie pig allusions.
don juan (of ir don juan were a woman) - vadim! an older, saltry bardotte seducing all the men she can.
cat o nine tails - early argento. nice. excellent morricone score.

gotta study the german.

we got more than two freaking feet of snow. the chair that sits out in the front yard, for example? yeah--you can't see it. fun.

congrats on the internship, i'm pretty jealous... i'm thinking about contacting the harvard film archive but i don't know if i'll have time... i guess if i just took tickets and could sit and read during the shows it'd be ok...

somehow i figured you know about ubuweb, but don't worry, i have a post with more fun goodies all lined up for tomorrow...
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