Wednesday, January 26, 2005


po. apparently it's german for "bottom." this is what i learn in my goethe class.

fuck ethan--
i'm not even going to have time to have sex..i've got so much "academic work" to do now! i'm scheduling an official "academic" day for myself. sooooooooooooooo much reading to do.

[note: apply to post-bac! the deadline is april 15!!!!! you've got all the time in the world.]

check out lamp: I'm going to their up-coming events:

if i was in boston, i'd definitely be taking that harvard music class. i've got the audio culture book, so i'm going to start doing some reading in that. i'll let you know how it goes...

i'm starting at the video data bank on thursday. can't wait to get my hands on that shit. you have to come visit so we can watch mass amounts of video art.

i'm starting to apply for even more internships for the summer. after the berlin program in may, i'm going to try for a position with the sfmoma assisting with their exhibitions archiving. i figure until i can teach, archiving is something i wouldn't mind doing for money (probably not that much money, though..haha) i'm also applying for the media assistant spot at the kitchen in nyc. basically, i really don't want to hang out in chicago during the summer, but i guess if the video data bank is super amazing..then i just might have to consider it.

just watched "the conversation" by coppola. recommended by matmos. it was ok. kinda left me neutral. but i can see why matmos like it. about spying. lots of analog audio equipment. san francisco. 70s. it's worth a watch.
up next is contempt--fucking finally.

tomorrow i'm going to the contemporary art museum. it will be the first visit since i've been here. the last time i went was in high school. the first thing i saw when i walked in was a huge male mannequin orgy. can't wait to see what it will be this time.

also very excited about going to deadtech this weekend:

if anyone can figure out how to find a copy (or arrange of screening) of "why not: a serenade of eschatological ecology" by arakawa...please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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