Saturday, February 19, 2005


church of the transgendered

so it went to this place called 3030 last night. dewayne, the girl i work with from jp (who apparently is a guy but is now a girl but people at work say both he and she when referring to her/him so confusing), told me about this show called marriage and flight. the venue is kinda in the middle of nowhere and it's a converted church.
so once we find it..of course it's not labled..we go in and the show's not ready. people tell us to hang out "downstairs." we go downstairs and it's like someone's apartment and all these people are hanging out that know each other and then there is scott and i. i thought it was pretty funny.
once we could go upstairs it was pretty cool--everyone sat in pews. there were tons of hardcore dykes and all these men with boobs!
one of my bosses from the data bank showed up--with her girlfriend! that was really entertaining! scott and i brought a 6 pack so i was trying to talk to her but i was drunk that i just kept laughing...
whenever anyone comes to visit, we're definitely going to this place!

as for the hidden cameras, the show was awesome! shows in chicago go sooooo late--it didn't end until 1:45! joel kept on talking about how much he loves chicago and how it's just like canada. i really wanted to go up to him and say--please show me the parts of the city that are like canada because i must be really missing out on something! their van got broken into right before the show, so they had some equipment stolen.

scott's on a harvard kick right now because i guess he heard that saic has such a good name that a lot of the undergrad architecture majors get into harvard for grad school. i told him i'd have to kill him if he was in boston and i wasn't. if i can't eat a fucking anna's burrito then that bastard can't either!

last night was the first time i rode my bike in chicago. it was lots of fun--and easy because it's so flat!

is anyone familiar with kaffe matthews?? on her website, you can read the wire interview with her. i like her sound a lot.
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