Thursday, February 17, 2005


"expanded cinema"

read the whole book here
it's out of print and recommended by the data bank.

so, today i became in charge of the george kuchar mastering project. the data bank has every video he's made (tons and tons)..i am updating the masters to beta and watching them all to check for any problems. i'm starting out with this special collection that is going to be a 5 dvd set curated by steve reinke. you all would love kuchar's work--it's really difficult to explain: the easy way out is to say campy diary videos..but it's so much more--and not at the same time. if you can find any, rent them!! check krasker!

ethan, nicole - in case either of you do make it to la, i've booked an information session and tour of calarts on the morning of march 7th. right now it's just maureen and i going, but of course it would be great if you're in la to come with us.

the hidden cameras are tonight! (i guess i was wrong about a boston show in the near future, must have gotten it mixed up with something else.)

miss you guys!!!!
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