Wednesday, February 23, 2005


a favor... a song and a dance...

dear ethan or anyone else to whom it may apply,

do you have/could you download "red hot car" by squarepusher (the version on go plastic, not the live in japan version from do you know squarepusher) for me and email it to me. i got rid of limewire and will never use it again due to its propensity to fuck up my beautiful baby ibook.

in addtion:

on another note everyone should go to dj c's website. he has an amazing breakcore/raga remix of the one gloved "wonder"'s of billy jean, titled billy jungle, in addition to lots of other mp3's posted under the sounds tab. to those at the quite amazing show on friday you should recognize this immediately. it's so nice to finally be finding really cool art/sounds coming from boston. it's almost worth a 3.5 year period of frustration, almost.
that shit was hot, i was definitely enjoying that during the show... although i'd REALLY like to get my hands on that stuff he did with the standells' "dirty water" (aka the awesome 60s psych-garage song about how gross boston is that for some inexplicable reason the red sox play at every home game and i'm completely fascinated with for a variety of reasons)
oh yeah and i don't have that track, sorry. if i remember i'll try to snag it when i'm at home this weekend.

need to set up soulseek on this mac...
i know the track you're talking about, but for some reason i don't remember it from the show. knowing the way my mind works though, it will probably pop into my head and take it over in a matter of hours. i also really liked when he used the beat from toxic.
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