Saturday, February 05, 2005


fun with poopy!

i've fallen into an ab fab loop--because of scott--but i'm still in one. god, they're so hard to get out of.

so, i've been really into lists lately. well, i guess i'm always in to lists, so i'm just going to share with you a list (a very predictable one) i've made recently.
don juan (or if don juan were a woman)
cat o’nine tails
pigpen (porcile)
the boy with green hair
the conversation (coppola – 74)
fluxfilm anthology
visions of Warhol (epi)
fruits of passion
emperor tomato ketchup – shuji terayama (72)
Robert Whitman – performances from the 1960s
peeping tom
love affair
Vienna aktionist films
a fistful of dollars
acconci - themesong
nauman - bouncing in the corner #1
dan graham - performer/audience/mirror
baldessari - baldessari sings lewitt
martha rosler - semiotics of the kitchen
a fatal desire - george kuchar

so, contempt was absolutely brilliant. bardot is to die for! absolute genius. the music is superior--it makes me wish morricone did it. the robert whitman performances are worth finding--especially for the recent piece "ghost" that's on the dvd.
i've said enough about the vienna aktionist films--JUST GET THEM NOW!

i'm reading the conceptual art anthology by mit press and audio culture--both are very inspiring.

ok, time for drinkie! more later.

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