Tuesday, February 22, 2005


god, jr. what to think, what to think...

well..it had to happen sooner or later...but dennis cooper now has a website. and it's extremely bizarre in a creepy, exploitative way..but still very much cooper-esque.

read about the japanese "period" cult in the news/calendar section. get lots of links to violent gay porns site in "the sluts" section under "enter the world of 'the sluts'." in the george miles cycle section, read about the guy who dennis cooper's been writing about for the past 10 years--and even see photos of the guy when he was a kid. check out conference photos of dennis cooper with celebs like john waters, stephen malkmus, and thurston moore. also, examine the dennis cooper papers at nyu.

these guys are great: my cat is an alien

the past few days, i've been enjoying perusing the books of atlas press and
serpent's tail.

on my list of things to do in la: the museum of jurassic technology

i've been listening to haco a lot lately. her stereo bugscope 00 is solid.

the tate modern has started an awesome on-line event on audio art there are downloads, essays, and an online forum discussing "the politics of sound / the culture of exchange" with douglas kahn and others. fun, fun!!

i live within walking distance to a hookah lounge. i'm addicted!!!!
weird, i was just drooling myself stupid over all the surrealist stuff on atlas press. actually, not that weird, considering how much i love the surrealists and that atlas is the first link on the wire's list of 'stuff we like'. whatever.

let's have some trance sessions and discover which one of us is the desnos of the group so s/he can describe how everyone's gonna die.
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