Thursday, February 17, 2005


The Houseguest and My Mother

Okay, so, more stuff to write about in this The Blog of Pretension.

I’ve been reading some stuff about the development of multi-media art and the name Jeffrey Shaw keeps coming up. I can’t remember ever studying his work (although I can’t imagine that I haven’t). So I did some reading about him and have slowly become obsessed his early stuff.

(If you know about this.. you can just skip the next 3 paragraphs.)

He did this series of works called Artificial Landscapes. In one piece he hung this giant cloud like structure outside the museum at night. He projected footage of the day sky on it and had smoke and amplified sounds of thunder and wind happening at the same time.

This was an extension of some earlier stuff he did with air structures and projection. He wanted to create “Cinematic environments” that were outdoors. He’d create these transparent domes and had people do different things to them and in them. People would perform inside them causing the part of the projection that was visible to constantly change. Then, for example, they’d spray the interior with a fire extinguisher and the projected image would appear and disappear as the foam dripped down the sides. They’d fill them with things like smoke, steam, water spray, confetti, etc to bring the image back.

I mostly like his early stuff, up to the mid 70’s, because I’m getting all into sculpture right now. He’s still doing work. I believe he works with computer graphics and virtual environments now. Some of it is interesting. He has a self-portrait piece that I think you’d find interesting, Zach.


As for Christo’s gates in NY… they were cool looking and I definitely enjoyed wandering around in them when we were in the section that didn’t have a billion tourists. I must say, though, that I think it’s my least favorite of his works. My favorite being what he did in Northern, CA pictured here which, if we’re talking on a purely aesthetic level, is far more interesting. It also reminds me a lot of this piece we read about in Art History last summer, Spiral Jetty.

In other news..uh…I have no other news. I’m making a hideous website for the DFA people and spending a lot of time wishing I was here. I’m alternating between making a pair of giant lungs and building a structure that looks like this: its like a porcupine but with light.

I’ll shut up now. I Hope you’ve all enjoyed this journey into “What usesless things is Nicole doing with all her free time now that she’s a hermit without a real job.”

Oh I almost forgot. This poor child is going to be so traumatized when he/she gets older. But hey, it made me laugh…
Crazy Baby.

That’s all.
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