Thursday, February 17, 2005


knifes hands and chops.

cool event happening friday at massart. the details are as follows (this is straight from the promoter's e-mail to me...):

Welcome to the Neighborhood.


Start an ongoing collaborative effort between the various artist groups in and around Boston (i.e. the neighborhood) for the purpose of creating multimedia poly-environments that allows for a synesthetic feedback loop between the art, the audience, the artists, and vice versa utilizing such mediums as audio, video, lighting, and installation art.

Here’s a list of the crews we've gathered members of:
-mass art eventworks -tigerbeat6 -beat research
-mashit -glitch crew -boston burners -emerson -redtail
-beatfix -aine -dijjital ambiance -ghetoe aesthetiks

The result?
A 3-4 room audio/visual 4 hourinstallation including two rooms of music and live video projection, video installations, chill spaces, and some straight ghetoe graffiti art.

With music performances by:
dev/null -tigerbeat6
knifehandchop -tigerbeat6
djc -mass art -tigerbeat6 -beat research -mashit
dj flack -mass art -beat research -mashit
rob (of aliens at home) w/ special guest
and dj molotiff soundfall

Visual performances by:
broken lens & natty lane -glitch crew -boston burners-emmerson
vj add -glitch crew -aine -dijjital ambiance
(broadcasting live from Orlando, Florida!!!)
leonid -glitch crew -boston burners -redtail
shawn faherty -glitch crew
zebbler -mass art -glitch crew
vj phi -glitch crew
jeff mission -glitch crew -boston burners -beatfix

The date and time of the event: Friday, February 18,
2005 7PM-11PM

$7, $5 w/ college ID (any college id, not just
massart) @the door

Massachusettes College of Art
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Ma. 02115
-South Building Entrance
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