Saturday, February 05, 2005


Salivation Edification..

i am now officially apart of the beloved communitas.

my new found cambridge obsession...


an excerpt from our dear friend, hjordis eva...

"Over Christmas I was working in Skifan, which is a record store in

Smaralind (you know the mall Zack and you took the bus to). It actually
is really nice and the people there are so much fun, except for my boss
who is really strange. He is so obsessed with sex and talkes about it
24/7. Last weekend when I was working he was telling me that he has a
REALLY SOFT AS and how it is so special because it doesn´t have any hair
on it!!!!!!! And this other guy who works in the store is always asking
me if he can bite cheeks (in my face not my ass :) ) Icelandic
boys can be weird sometimes. "

we have an exhibition, we have an exhibition, we have an exhibition!
(well kinda...)

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