Monday, February 07, 2005


this is dedicated to the one iiiiiiiii lovvvvvvvvve

let me begin by saying, i fucking hate mondays. in my languorous stupor of idle time, this day of the week always just wastes away.
my adventure today was going to the post office. it's kinda far, so i decided to take scott's car there. (please note: driving freaks me out because i NEVER do it.) so i make it there ok, and wait in a line for 30 minutes to post my application for an internship at the sfmoma this summer....(also note: i CANNOT parallel park.) i drive the car back and all the spaces around my apartment--which are always open--were all taken!!! of course, a panic attack ensued. stuck with a big volvo with nowhere to take it....i just ended up having to park far away. maybe next time i'll just walk--i don't get to do enough of that here.

i watched repulsion last night. first observation--catherine deneuve looked just like kathleen from espresso! the hair's a bit different but the face is right on. the music was great in repulsion--another soundtrack to add to my LIST.

i started reading deleuze's cinema 1. it's a bit dense. he starts out with some theses/philosohy a la henri bergson. (i had to get one of his books for a philsophy class. if any of you are interested, it's on the top shelf of the bookcase downstairs.)

before i forget, has anyone read soyfa's on-line journal lately? now she wants to get a fulbright--such entertainment!

soulseek for macs: i tried it on my new mac--but my computer won't let me install developer tools! it just keeps telling me that my computer is not allowed! GODDAMNIT! i tried it on my old mac, got pretty far--right before configuring nicotine--but some file was missing!!!!! has anyone had any luck????? I NEED SOULSEEK!!!!!

i've grown very fond of morricone's "metti una sera a cena" lately. the track "terrazza vuota" is pure joy. it's so cinematic. i can't stop listening to it.

i stumbled onto mike kelley's website: (and yes, i haven't taken the time to learn how to make a link.. i'll do it soon..) it's so so, but worth a gander.


i read adrian piper's "a defense of the 'conceptual' process in art." i think she's straight philosophy these days--no more art. but i really like what she has to say. i actually think she might teach at wellesley. you ladies should try and take a class from her (or are guys allowed to study at wellesley?)

tonight, scott and i went to the most amazing desert diner--just a few blocks away from our apartment. the legendary margie's candies. apparently, every time the beatles were in chicago it's where they used to go. it's so amazing--beige 60s vinyl booths, little jukeboxes on the tabletops, amazing paper placemats...and pages of ice cream combos to choose from. the dishes are served in these amazing shells! so wonderful--you would love it, jess. lots of cherries and whipped cream.

i went to facets tonight (i'm constantly checking to see if they have anything in from michael snow and martin arnold.) the guy working (who is always the guy i rent from) told me that the hot video store--odd obsession--has some michael snow "behind the counter." and urged me to "talk" with the dude who owns the store about them... did i mention the guy that runs this video store is fucking HOT! can't be over 25--enough said. i see him every saturday night (thus far) at the rainbo club. this past saturday, when i walked by him he grabbed my arm and said hello....HOOOOTTTTTTTTTT! i think he'll hook me up with the goods...

saturdays also seem to be the night for sound events. third sat. in a row coming up.
lampo #2:

brendan--i miss you too! i can't wait until we all get to hang out again! who wants to spend the summer in san fran???????

pictures are coming!
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