Thursday, March 03, 2005


1. spring break = sonic mayhem 2. pomposity 3. i know you know.

1. spring break looks to be a ripe time for sonic mischief. anyone want to acccompany me?
-3/6 edie segwick @ tt's
-3/8 gris gris @ zuzu (free!)
-3/8 menomena @tt's (not free)
-3/9 les georges leningrad @ pa's lounge

2. if you ever want to get a rise go into a dance music store and ask them if they have any breakcore records... so this afternoon i decided i needed to get out of the house after waht seems like weeks of isolation due to sinus infection. i was walking down mass. ave. and i decided to go into the electronic music store just for kicks. a worker there approached me as soon as i walked in and asked me if he could help me with anything, as such i replied, do you have any breakcore stuff? (momentary pause) breakcore!?!? he suddenly yelps out like a cat getting hit by a car. his co worker then informs me they have hardcore electronic stuff, and breaks, which he says are just well "breaks." the condescension shown towards me was an unparalled experience for me in a record store. i should have just asked him if they had the remix of me having sex with his mother, that definitely would have deserved his squeal, and the pompous atmosphere that could literally be cut with a knife.

3. at a far nicer record store i picked up the jubilee soundtrack. it is simply amazing, as i assume all of you know, but i thought i'd remind anyway.
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