Monday, March 28, 2005


almost there.


i had to get rid of my swiss francs because i'm a dumbass american idiot and i thought they used euros here, so now i need to get rid of them, so here's a post from the airport in zurich. i arrived about 3 hours ago and i feel like i've been here forever, probably because i have not slept yet and i'm still comotose from the inflight games (namely solitaire). Already, I think i chipped a tooth on a croissant, might have provided my credit card number on an unsecure server, and got cut off in line for cappuccino by Russians, who I thought were townies from Revere, hey they were wearing hardcore 80's apparel, denim cowboy boots, teased hair, rhinestone jean jackets, its really an honest mistake. At least I got to see the alps. Damn this keyboard is so annoying, no exclamation points and the "y" is in a weird ass spot. Culture Shock. Not to mention people are smoking everywhere (exclamation pt.). Well my franc change is dwindling, speak to you when i get to Berlin.
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