Thursday, March 31, 2005


...and there are always some sassy columbians.

since berlin has not stopped once since i've gotten here; i feel like i can't stop either. by the end i think that it might get a bit exhausted. i guess i will deal with that when the time comes. so i haven't told you anything about my class. there are about 20 people, and everyone is from a different country except there are two americans and two columbians. so, it's very interesting because there are so many languages going on all at once. unfortunately, i haven't found people i can click with in my class or at the institut in general, but i don't really care. this italian kid is really nice, and he wants to party really bad, but doesn't want to alone, so i told him that we can go party together, which will be damn funny i'm sure. as for the class my, teacher's name is oliver. i can't tell if he's gay or just german. he's a really good teacher and i have learned so much german in two days it is incredible. we had this meet and greet yesterday after class and i met this kid who is in the uber advanced level. it just happens to turn out that he is the guatemalan ambassador to Germany's son. and he so would'nt stop flirting with me, and he was damn nasty. i went out to dinner with him and this frenchy and the guatamalan insisted on paying, i said "we don't do that in america!" then he was like, "I didn't know I was going to meet you tonite!" And I was like, "well you did, so what?!" so he tried to get me to go out with him and i was like, "I need to go to bed!" gross!
so, tonite i went to this amazing musik performance. it was at the BALLHAUS NAUNYSTRASSE. This "classical" music hall and it is actually in the neighborhood i live in, kreuzberg. It is a few S-Bahn stops away. The ensemble performing was envyloop. It was called the "bleak texas thing tour." There were two guys, Butch Rovan, (clarinet, mac, vocals) an american, who actually is a composer and performer on the faculty of the department of music at Brown, where he co-directs meme@brown (multimedia & electronic music experiments@brown). Before this he worked for the center of experimental music and intermedia, at the university of north texas (mmmm?). And then before this he worked in paris at the Institut de recherche et coordination acoustic, hot! And Ulrich Maiss, (cello, keyboard, vocals) a german, who is a contemporary european chamber music artist. He is now working with lou reed to complete a cello-soloversion of metal machine music called cellomachine. They described tonight's performance as a "dynamic live-electro-improv-acoustic-meltdown duoformed by composer/performers. With their combination of acoustic instruments, live electronics, interactive video and found objects, Rovan and Maiss create an eclectic mix of musical styles." Butch Rovan started off with this crazy cyber glove thing and a blue flourescent ball and he was basically moving his entire body to create sound interactively. He had video work called, "collisions," to go along with it, that he described as his tribute to surrealist film maker, Bunuel. Then both musicians harmonized their instruments, clarinet and cello, with the cacophony of noises coming from their computers. They also took turns making indecipherible sounds into the microphone. There was a video piece, which portrayed a bleak picture of texas, that was screened during this piece. The final piece was inspired by the poem, a room in brooklyn, by anne carson, inspired by andrew hopper and st. augustine, that doesn't sound pretentious of anything! Maiss, recorded himself reading the poem and it was then distorted, which they incorporated into their music, as they played they recorded what they had just played and then played that and played over it...and so on and so on. most enjoyable, and for some reason they said they had technical difficulties, so it was free!
Shit! Free sound performance. Sounds hot.

Brown huh? I didn't really realize so much was happening there.

I miss you. When you get back. We'll have to party.
one more reason i NEED to get into that modern culture and media program at brown... this is why i keep telling you guys that even though providence is kinda lame, going to brown would still be fantastic.

and cheap. let's not forget cheap. (providence rent + 5 yrs. tuition fully covered + parents/home within driving distance = ethan ascending to even higher planes of moochdom)
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