Saturday, March 05, 2005


for nicole:

a list of requisite activities in minneapolis:


walker art center: a very very cool modern/contemporary art museum. it's been closed for over a year now, due to rennovation. check it out. it's very exhibit oriented, but they have an amazing permanent collection, which rennovating will add more space for them to show off and brag to all their friends about. collection includes some amazing chuck close pieces, an awesome charles ray, and lots of cool avant garde video installations.


hymie's records - east lake street, near st. paul: quite possibly my favorite record store of all time. it's a vintage record store specializing in everything, especially jazz, but do not fret. fog's significant other is one of the proprietors. you'll be amazed at what you can dig up here in any possible genre, maybe even genres you've never conceived in your mind. oh yeah they don't sell anything but vinyl.

treehouse records - lyndale avenue, i think lyndale and 26th: if hymie's isn't my favorite record store, this one has to be. great vinyl and compact discs too. you could find a copy of the wire here. mostly an indie rock store, but there's so much more to find.

cheapo records - lake and hennepin: not the greatest ratio of awesome to shitty music, but still cool. more vinyl then you will see in almost any one place at one time. just go dig and have fun. pretty cheap too, as they never pay more than $5 for a record. their selection of new vinyl is pretty amazing too, but much more expensive. i found an original copy of lady soul by aretha franklin at this store for $5.

(optional) let it be records - eleventh st. and nicollet: lots of cool music. a little expensive (no more than boston though). the people that work there tend towards being dicks. awesome music though.


hard times cafe - franklin and university (on university of minnesota west bank): an amazing cooperatively owned diner. open from 6 am to 4 am daily. all food is either vegan or vegetarian. it's what coffehouses should be like. a place you would hang out at everyday were something so cool to exist in boston.

coffetto - lyndale and 15th maybe: my friend rose's favorite coffeehouse, so i'll assume it's good.

muddy waters - across the street from caffetto: i've been to this coffeehouse and it's a nice place to kill some time. hard times is better (truly amazing food. damn it i want some now). this one is easier to get to.

the wedge co-op - lyndale: also on lyndale is a really nice co-op if you need groceries. it's a co-op, i don't know what else to say.


savers - east lake street: want to go thrift shopping? it's an urban renewals sized place, but the hipsters haven't taken everything cool yet. the stuff i mine out of this place is incredible.

ragstock - lake and hennepin: the minneapolis equivalent of the garment district or proletariat. a store that re-sells you stuff from thrift stores, but for really cheap. i find some of my favorite button down shirts here. much worth checking out.


the bryant lake bowl - lake st. between hennepin and lyndale: a house of the super fun. drinking, bowling with big balls, great food, and comedic theater productions. it's just fun, super fun. has been moving a little to the bougeouis end of the spectrum from (the culturally bougeouis end of the spectrum) of hipters and indie kids. the bowling lanes are old and shitty, but that's why it's fun.

the red dragon - lyndale and 22 perhaps: an asian food restaurant/hipster/dive bar. around the corner from treehouse records and muddy waters. really fucking cheap mix drinks. that is all you need to know.

the c.c. club - lyndale and 26: like the sihoutte of minneapolis. caddy corner to treehouse records. tends towards being a punk rock bar, but they have $6 pitchers of pbr, and that is good.

the turf club - university ave and snelling in st. paul: if you find the time to make it out to st. paul this place is awesome. huge room upstairs, small room downstairs. small room often hosts really cheap jazz nights (around 3 times a week), this isn't your dad's jazz though, this is the avant garde. i have spent too many hours of my time in the twin cities getting wasted here.

okay that's probably more than you will have time to do in a week since you're going to a wedding, but it's a list of my favorite things in minneapolis/st. paul. be sure to pick up a free print copy of the onion. the weekly magazines: pulse and city pages are really good too, so you should pick them up for the cost of free. a lot of these places are in very close vicinity to one another, located in the area called uptown, which includes anything located on lyndale, e. lake (except savers and hymie's they're a bit out of the way), or hennepin. if i hear that you didn't make it to any of these places i will no longer talk to you. e-mail me and i'll give you a bunch of my friend's numbers so you can meet the finest people this side of the blue states. but fear not minnesota is also blue and minneapolis is a city jammed full of raging liberals, yes! finally if you see a listing for a show that includes dosh, go see it he is a beautiful man that makes beautiful music, and plays it beautifully live. beautiful.
Thats fucking awesome! thanks!
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