Monday, March 21, 2005


i cannot make it!

well, even though i haven't posted in such a long time, i really don't have that much to say.

however, since nicole's getting ready to go home and so is scott, i think i'm jumping on the bandwagon. (basically, i don't want to stay in chicago for 5 days alone...) at least if i go home, i can probably convince my parents to get me some new clothes since all of mine have holes in them...

ethan, i'm sure you probably know about this program, but i thought i'd still point it out. it seems great for you: a mix of theory and practice. technocultural studies at uc davis douglas kahn is head of the program there...pretty hot...

in other news, i found a subletter today! her name is alaina, and she is a second year law student at the university of michigan. her and some other law friend are going to take the place from may 20th through august!!!!! scott and i are going to leave the place furnished, which is so exciting. for once, i'm going to live minimally! (although i might have to keep my multi-region dvd player because of kim's...and maybe my records plater also....shit...) yes, so scott and i are going to spend the summer in new york (we're 99% sure). i'll expect you all to come down and hang out! right now we're trying to make michelle (scott's old roommate) kick out her roommate so we can get scott's old room for the summer. apparently, the guy hates the place, so it seems pretty likely that we'll get it!

bill fay--methane river--oh yeah!
i didn't know about that program, most likely because it's only undergrad... which sucks, because it sounds great. alas...
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