Monday, March 28, 2005


i smell.

i finally made it to berlin. and everything has run all too smoothly. i even figured out how to use the internet. you guys, you need to come here right now. i'm totally serious. this apartment is way hotter in person, and i thought the pictures were hot. holy shit! it is seriously incredible. the third picture of the apartment is actually a tower that is on top of the apartment that gives a panoramic view of all of east berlin, the U-Bahn, the Spree, the TV tower, you seriously can see it all. and the apartment itself is amazing. the first picture of the widows are actually the windows in the kitchen, which open all the way up for an amazing breeze, they overlook a park and the Spree and this crazy sculpture in the water of two 20 ft tall people. and there are even two bedrooms. there is so much room, ethan bring everyone over we can start the commune in Berlin, who's game?
so Norman's sister, Birge, let me into the place. She is very nice and modelesque, damn europeans! Apparently Her and Norman are both working for the Goethe-Institut. Although, what is even more ironic is that she met her boyfriend in October at the Berlin Film Festival (they were both working there) and he is from Seattle, living in LA, but he was a theater major at BU. small ass world. he was taking the same course that i will be taking at the Goethe, but his just finished. he will be here for a few more works, so i think that i will be meeting him.
alright, i'm much too antsy now...i need to go for a walk....
Holy shit!! I'm so jealous!! that sounds Amazing! and of course.. BU people are everywhere aren't the. hahaha. I'm glad you got there okay. You should give me your phone number if you have it. I'll be sure to drunk dail you there sometime heeeeeeee

p.s. I'm working on the parents..
how do you say "so fucking jealous" in german?
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