Sunday, March 06, 2005


i wanna be the donald rumsfeld of the internet

don't you fear, little brendan, i have many devious ideas for the corruption of your sanity. oh yes.

like, for example, making a list of all the shows that're going off for the rest of the semester! the ones in bold are the one's i'm definitely converging upon, with and despite all my attendant manias.

thu. 7. apr.
(middle east) sole / pedestrian / dosh

tue. 12. apr.
(paradise) m83 / ulrich schnauss

sun. 17. apr.
(middle east) animal collective / ariel pink

thu. 21. apr.
(middle east) melt banana

tue. 26. apr.
(middle east) dizzee rascal

sat. 30. apr.
(mfa) the books

mon. 2. may
(tt's) mice parade / boom bip

tue. 3. may.
(middle east) caribou / junior boys / russian futurists
wed. 4. may.
(bowery ballroom, nyc) same lineup, with four tet
wed. 6. may.
(north six, brooklyn) four tet, prefuse 73, battles, and beans

wed. 6. may.
(tt's) out hud / hella / certainly sir

sun. 8. may.
(middle east) mountain goats

mon. 9. may.
(paradise) autechre

thu. 12. may.
(tt's) stereo total / les georges leningrad

mon. 16. may.
(avalon) gang of four

wed. 18. may.
(tt's) monade (laetitia sadier)

also, beware beheading hoaxes, for in many cases they lead you to dark places like (because you can't resist clicking on the link that says "CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO") and you end up spending an hour or two watching people get killed and maimed in various different ways.

see, i told you i gots plans.
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