Thursday, March 31, 2005


peaches made me do the hustle!

hey. here's the latest bits...i followed Rick Steve's Bus #100 tour and the Unter Den Linden walking tour from the Brandenburg gate and Alexanderplatz, on Tuesday. Did you know that there is a Starbucks and a Dunkin Donuts at the Brandenburg Gate, oh how i miss communism. I.M. Pei's building for the deutsches historisches museum berlin is phenomenal. I also saw the palast der republik, which, in the days of communism, was east berlin's parliament building and futuristic entertainment complex. It has supposed to have been demolished for years now, but still has not been yet. east berliner's are fighting to keep it standing, though. On the roof, in white neon letters it says, Zweifel, or doubt. The installation was designed by Ramberg .
So, I ventured out to try and find the peach. Of course, I went two stops too far and had to pee really bad, resulting in a public toilet experience (did you know that they play music in there? Das Kool)! Anyhow, I got to a rather non descript apartment very close to Alexanderplatz, with no sign of anything. They like to do this in Berlin, nothing has signs...its actually really cool though. Anyhow, there were two people in front, so i had to know what was going on. So, I asked. They didn't know much either, but now we were in this together. It did result in a very fun night though. I made friends, manuella from northeast italy, robert who had some crazy
grudge against Kreuzberg, suzie who will send me pictures of peaches, and yan, who knows what happened to him i saw him for like 5 minutes. But it was quite a good time. So, we got in after a few minutes, only 4 euro, so everyone was doubtful that peaches would be there. It looked rather low key, like someone's apartment or something. There was a chick dj-ing who was so wanna be peaches with the hair and everything, she played MJ, pulp, etc...and for a while i actually thought it was peaches. Then peaches comes out, mind you this is not like a stage or anything, its just a big room. She is wearing red spandex, high heels,
and a pink wrestling jacket from ohio. She starts yelling, and tells us we need to put our faces down and asses up, then she starts playing face down, and she keeps yelling about how we are not putting out faces down and our asses up, and then see makes us to this stupid dance to the song. then when we are done with that she makes us snowball, which means two people need to start slow dancing and then they need to pick two other people when the music stops and so was chaos. Although, there were only about 200 people in the whole place. So, then she makes us all get in 6 lines and do the hustle. Then her and this namosh dude are wearing knee pads, so they start russian dancing and break dancing, and finally she makes us do disco grind with one another. Luckily, manuella played along with me and was my partner for the dances. Oh and there was this crazy (i think she was american or canadian) chick who rubbing herself against everyone. She came up to suzie and started dancing with her and then licked her arm the whole way up, her face was amazing! but the funny thing was peaches only did her thing for like 15 minutes and then just walked around the club and drank, then i saw her on the street, when i was hailing a cab, with namosh and she also added a see through plastic shirt to her wardrobe. we all danced a bit more when the actual dj's came on again after peaches. those germans sure love their rapture and lcd soundsystem. but it come to an end soon after that, but peaches was most certainly the highlight of
the evening. oh and did i mention i got super drunk on hefe-weissen and rothaus pils--cheap german beer is so good! so, the place where i saw peaches, the zentrale randlage is definitely worth revisitng in the future. why is berlin so cool...much more to tell, but die deutsche Kurs beckons.
i drank coffee in that starbucks. then i took a picture of myself in which i look quite crazy.
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