Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Sunny Prestatyn

Create your own justification for war with this magnetic war rhetoric kit!

Two days in a row with low humidity! Par-tay!!
Friday I went to a multi media/ performance art event at this place called Stardust (which is the only place you can find decent movies around here). There was a kid there doing some live sound performance with projection. It was really interesting and really sad since I was one of only 5 people that showed up.

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and the guy waiting to go after me was Carrot top! I was shocked to find out that he was waiting to get his hair dyed! Fraud! Carrot top is a fraud! (although I think his hair really is red .. he just dyes it brighter)

I went to a party at my friend Regia's parents mansion outside of Orlando. Their house is incredibly large. They have a pool with several waterfalls and coves which is attached to a cabana seating area with a bar that has beer on tap. They also have a guest house with a full gym and rec room upstairs. We took the golf carts out in the back yard and managed to break one (well.. cathy did not me) and of course.. it wouldn't have been a party had I not injured myself some how. So I did. Scraped my hand while riding the golf cart. nothing too serious.

Last night I went to Spy Bar. You have to walk through this other trashy looking bar to the back, through an employees only door, down a hall and then you're there. There are about 50 TV screens all over the bar that are attached to video cameras all over the other trashier bar. There are camera's in the photo booth, the bathroom, at each table. So when the people at the trashy bar get drunk and start doing stupid shit you can watch it! hahahaha. It was actually really amusing. It was pretty cool... for Orlando that is.

I was trying to keep a tally of all the Bush stickers I've seen here.. but I lost count after the first day.
Being here, among the Christian conservatives and the trashy strip malls has compelled me to go back and read some Philip Larkin Poems.
Carrot top is totally a fraud! And a disgrace to all redheads! I hope the hairdresser shaved his head.

-resident redhead stuck in Allston with curly
nicole, you are missing sooo many amazing avant-garde films! come back!

spy bar totally sounds like my kind of place... hooray for voyeurism!
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I agree with anonymous, he is totally a disgrace!

--fellow redhead.
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