Tuesday, March 29, 2005


teaches of namosh and peaches.

guten abends. today i had orientation at the Goethe institut. it surprisingly is quite nice. i mean all i received was where to send money to and a confirmation that i made it into the program, so i guess it has surpassed my low expectations. i even met this italian dude who is in my class, his name is--damn! i am so bad with names...
so, the building is located on Neue Schönhauser, which is in between Alexanderplatz and the Reichstag, and directly next to a large Diesel store (self-restraint). quite central. the building is located just off the main street, through a cobblestoned courtyard. the interior is very icelandic/norse, you know how they love their frosted glass panels? we had intense placement examinations today, multiple choice, writing componenet, and speaking interview. Luckily, i´m right on track and placed into the next level 2.1. oh and the goethe has a computer lab/library. they have every stereototal cd to take out, hot! damn, why are these keyboards so difficult to use? At least this one has an exclamation point.
To Nicole--on the the way to the Goethe there is the largest Starbucks I have ever seen. There have a whole upper floor via spiral staircase, that is the whole size of espresso just filled with comfy chairs and couches.
so this morning, by the Goethe, i saw a poster that caught my eye. It said the teaches of namosh and peaches, 29.03.05, after a short freakout that that could be last nite, i realised that it was tonite. i searched the internet far and wide to find info about it, none. then when i was about to give up i found it. i think, but since the info was half in german and there was a dearth of it who knows, that they are potentially doing a dj set in prenzlauerberg, (of course, where else is hip enough for peaches?) at the Zentrale Randlage, or maybe there are performing, je ne sais pas. I would post the URL, but the website sucks real bad, so i thought there was no point. There is some info here at http://www.dancefloorstars.de/berlin/zentrale-randlage (sorry url won´t work on this computer), so if anyone has imput? I will be sure to give full details after the "event". freaky, i think spanish e-liz is sitting next to me.
Ah! Spanish E-liz? No way!

Did you go to that thing? How was it? I need to email you.
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