Tuesday, April 19, 2005


City Based Inbreeding

So while listening to Onkyoto on Resonance I was intrigued by a song ( no, Ethan, not the Japanese Alanis Morissette.. though that was great too). I wrote down the record label and visited their website.

News for April 2005


This month we have two new releases: 24/4/05 A Girl From Tokyo - Manami N...EP Manami M’s first EP for Post Office Records brings together Japanese instrumental electronica with haunting vocals and beats. Along with original work the release also contains a strange and beautiful version of The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, as originally performed by Marianne Faithfull on her 1979 LP Broken English. 29/4/05 Skin Picking - Chilopod...Album Chilopod is Chris France and this is his first release for Post Office. It blends together dark sound sculptures with field recordings and electronic beats to create a nightmarish, David Lynchian, trip through the welsh valleys.

Post Office Records

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Chapel Couture



Brief Electrical Encounter

The worst Teashop in Goring

More on the Post Office Records site...Check It Out

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