Monday, April 25, 2005


ethan you will laugh.

i know that i won't be the only one who chuckles when i think about the paper i've nearly finished. title: composite reality -- an analogous interpretation of john updike's "a sense of shelter" and gerhard richter. yeah who knew they were related, probably no one until i sat down at steve's to eat breakfast at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. yes i've had 3 weeks to write this paper. yes it's due in 8.5 hours. no i didn't start it or even have a topic until 3:45 this afternoon...

no i will not be the only one who laughs, because i know ethan will.

p.s. it's for a philosophy class.
ha! We don't see nearly enough of you Brendan.. Now I see why (other then the fact that I'm a hermit). hahahaha. Gerhard Richter + John Updike = Philosophy paper. That is quite the endeavor. You should post it here when you're done!

Anyway, Good luck with that paper! Soon you will be done, graduated, and hanging out in the hopeless void called post graduation. Its good times. Trust me. :-)
i am giggling like a schoolgirl
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