Monday, April 04, 2005


fuck kunst

so this weekend i saw art, drank beer, saw more art, ate good food, slept, drank more beer, and saw more art--oh and a bit of shopping too.

thanks to zach's wonderful recommendation i went to the neue nationalgalerie (exhibition) to see carsten nicolai's "syn cron" installation before it ended on Sunday. it was very cool; the highlight of the museum really. although, they did have some very interesting joseph beuys, barnett newman, bruce nauman, andy warhol (elvis, marilyn, ambulance crash), and a few others, but the installation was the highlight. on the main floor, there was this big white pod that one could go inside of and sit/lay against it and watch lasers dance around and listen to some rather glitchy, yet seemingly serene and calming sounds/noises/beats. i also took a gallerie tour (with the goethe this weekend), there are so many galleriers just hidden in alleys and courtyards around the city center, its so amazing. i will come back to this later, however during this gallerie tour we saw the work of olaf nicolai, which happens to be carsten's brother. he has a work up called "the blondes," at the eigen + art gallerie. It is a photograph documentation of blonde people. germans love their photographic catalogues, don't they, aka august sander. olaf's other work looks interesting too. anyhow, this struck me as interesting.

i also checkout this placed called dock 11 it is a collection of dance studios in this amazing warehouse space in prenzlauer berg. it is an a street called kastanienallee, where there is also great shopping, and many amazing looking restaurants, bars, and cafes. so, I went to go see this video installation/performance art/modern dance performance called how long. the warehouse space that the performance was in was so cool. there was one row of chairs and one row of pillows on the floor for sitting. i sat on the floor. so, there was great electronic music (reminded me of instrumental radiohead) to accompany the video installation (which was projected on 2 screens and the performers were in front of this), which the performers interacted with while they were dancing/performing. they also made interesting use of shadows and props (rocks, flowers, a ladder, a bucket, etc..). the performance was self-reflective, and explored fundamental human questions like life, death, curiosity, restlessness, etc... the entire thing was performed in a very small space probably 30ftx30ft. also, very enjoyable.

and some nite life. 8mmbar is not a good place to go alone. it is very small and everyone stares at you, but they do project films on the wall and play decent music. roter salon, this place is cool too. it is part of a large multi-cultural center called the volksbuehne. i figured out that this is where monade is playing. anyhow, i made the mistake of going when there were really bad swedish and british indie rock bands playing, but it is a cool place regardless. damn! and this was just friday. more later. i need to get to the guggenheim today before class, its free. ciao.
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