Thursday, April 28, 2005


gruss gott!

i am lost somewhere in bavaria...but at least i have found my way to the internet.

since, i have last posted i left poland, went to vienna for a few days, left vienna and went to salzberg for a day, and now i am in where do i begin...perhaps i will work backwards...forwards...too much beer makes me indecisive. well, i have not been in munich too long, but my first impression is that the people here are nicer than in berlin and austria for that matter, everyone here loves beer, and i think food too. my tour books said that in the english gardens here people like to lay naked, so i rushed there from the train so i could get a glimpse with my vouyeuristic ways, but nothing. perhaps it was too late in the day or too cold, but instead i got to observe dogs chasing ducks and a swan sitting on a gigantic nest; i'd say it was a fair swap!

so salzberg, in my opinion, was fantastic! thanks for the great suggestion zach. i took the sound of music tour (i know i know, but bus tours are so fun, and anyhow they took us to the lakes region, which is so amazingly beautiful--snowcapped mountains and glacial lakes!) but, while i was at a rather annoying (i will get every cent from you) hostel (with really dumb people, "ah, what is auschwitz?") i found a flyer for "the basics festival" at a place called ARGEKULTUR. mouse on mars was supposed to be playing in salzburg while i was there, but of course they canceled to play a gig in japan! anyhow, this music festival which is all electronic, pop, avant-garde, you get the gist was held at this space where they have a dance studio, a really amazing restaurant/bar, and a concert venue, plus it is in a residential neigborhood, so cool. here is the site, but it's all in german, so it might not be too much of a help, basics festival. the opener was still the same, buka. they were pretty want to be underworld. they had this kinda cheesy video work of algebraic formulas, images that looked like the artist seal, and something else kinda lame on a loop. but the now headliner was rechenzentrum. i thought they were really interesting, very heavy electronica/noise. some of their music had vocal tracks, that were quite good as well. they had better video work than buka, it was more abstract and mesmorizing in my all too sleepy state. i got to the venue a bit early, so i purchased a drink. while i was waiting the guy at the bar turned around and said, "ich bin rob," instantly i could tell he was not austrian or even german for that matter, too friendly. and also his american/german accent gave it away. we bonded over the fact that we both came to see mouse on mars, and i think our americanness too. he is from west palm beach (yes, nicole there are hot people who come from florida, and he's even a jew too! too bad he's in europe, i'd like to set him up with you). so he went to emory for undergrad and now is doing a masters in cultural management at an international school in salzburg, hot! we went to the amazing restaurant/bar after the show and spoke about music and how fucked up america is and then he drove me back to the hostel in his white kidnapper van that he gets to use when he doesn't have to hall art around to the gallery which he works in in the middle of salzburg. i actually checked it out today, but they are between exhibitions, david la chapelle just ended, perhaps this might explain the karl lagerfeld photograph. anyway, i dropped by so he could steal some of my ipod music, but pcs always have to go ruin the fun.

so, i would love to tell you about my wien stint, oh how viennese actionism and apfelstrussel go so well together...but i am just so tired and this is the second time that i have had to write this post because easy everything sucks...i can't even look at zach's porno post or whatever it is with vaginas...anyhow, i feel like whitney or mariah right now in the middle of an exhausting world tour...oh god! the guy next to me won't stop singing, loud arabic! blah!
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