Friday, April 15, 2005


Incremental Disruption

making painting a bit more interesting...

Verge of Certainty Acrylic on Board, 2004

taken from The Big Red Shiny
William Betts offers flawlessly crafted stripe paintings with an innovative twist; each painting is based on a sample of digital information taken from a personal photograph. The sample is extruded and the resulting image applied to the panel using a painting machine that Betts designed and built, thereby in the artist’s words, “introducing elements of industrial production to a traditional endeavor.” Due to the precision of Betts’ process in combination with organic source material, his work operates on a completely different visual level from run of the mill stripe paintings. Interestingly, the artist states that “void of forms or context, the visual sensation is isolated from memory and association that would dilute the experience…hopefully the work maintains a comfortable ambiguity between what is known and what is possible between the pictorial truth and our aspirations.”
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