Tuesday, April 05, 2005


mensche, sehr heiß.

here are the pictures from "the teaches of namosh and peaches," that i have promised you. they were taken by suzie, and they are really hot! just look at those pants!

today i went to the judische museum in Kreuzberg , has anyone been? it moved to a new location fairly recently. i thought that it was just going to be the same shit, actually i quite liked it. however, the building is basically the high point. it was built by daniel libeskind (wtc dude), and he includes a "holocaust tower," like a installation of what it was like to be in a concentration camp, but he does in a rather alternative method and a "garden of exile," which is like a slanted stone "garden" memorial, also very cool. and of course it wouldn't be berlin if there wasn't a cool installation (even in a fricken jewish museum) of these metal faces that one can walk on and it makes this loud, disturbing cacophonic sound.

off to watch italian football (i'm in europe, i must)
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