Sunday, April 03, 2005



so. i don't know who knows, but for those of you who don't--i'm in wv for the weekend visiting my parents and sarah.

this place is a shithole. i'm so fucking bored. sarah and i went to wallmart and walked around today--that's how bored i am. we went to the electronics section and turned up all the display radios that were playing to max volume and hid down another aisle....continuing to watch wallmart employees get pissed off...

(why do i feel like i spelled wallmart wrong? or better yet, why do i give a shit?)

scott is in san francisco right now. that fucker. i was so excited to come home because i thought it would be warmer. but of course, it snowed here today.

as for schools: thus far, i've gotten into the museum school, the slade, chicago-undergrad, and san francisco. i got my sfai fin. aid pack today. well, i got a full ride--in fucking loans. the school really just doesn't have money to give out lots of grants. i basically got $43,000 for the whole year. i only need like $25000 of it for tuition. however, only $4000 of it is grant money....the rest--loans, loans, loans. i did get $4000 for workstudy. so right now san fran isn't looking so good.
still waiting to here from chicago for post-bac. i was told that i would get a letter on the 1st of may or after...which is so fucked up because all the other schools what to know if i'm going to go there by the 1st of may!

ethan, the fucking invocation of my demon brother soundtrack! goddamn, i've wanted that for so long! i haven't been to ubuweb in months. now, i'm going every day! i'll call you soon. i have a secret to share with you.

nicole, did you rectify the blue balls problem??

jess, i can't believe you got down and dirty with peaches! have you gone shopping??? i want shoes and a bag!!!

brendan, when are you visiting the mid-west again? i want to meet up when you are!

i watched antonioni's zabriskie point. hot: 60s california. i can't think of a better combo. and for those of you who haven't seen contempt yet, shame on you!

my life is boring now. more later.
don't you know that it is not nice to tell secrets?? :)
blue balls? nicole shame on you, i guess i've missed a lot since i've been gone a whole week. oh, and i have gone shopping a bit...i've gotten 4 shirts (although 2 of which are from H&M so it doesn't really count, 1 is a hot yellow t-shirt with little red spray painted penguins, that says "penguinism", and a hot pink shirt, by a spanish "rave" company, shut up its hot! oh and 2 records from the flohmarkt a hot french record, by a breathy deep voiced singer named "eva" and a hot compilation called "steps from anywhere" with amon duul II and canned heat, etc...don't worry i've already bought you something too :) hehe...the turkish man a the donner kebap stand tonight told me "bist du schoen!" and harrassed me for my email and address..blach...ok i need to tanz!
love, me*
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