Friday, April 22, 2005


now curl the pubic bone up, just like a scorpion

so i know i'm been somewhat ellusive these past couple weeks, but i'm really stressed about schools. i have to make a decision in a week--and i still haven't heard from chicago!!!

something bizarre happened today: when i got to the video data bank, dewayne was like, "I think we have a mutual friend connection, kind of." apparently, dewayne's partner kim has a sister named claire who lives in north carolina--and she knows brendan! it's a small fucking world.

i'm tearing through the jane fonda bio like a madman. i really have so much respect for her. she has put tons of misconstrued information about her into perspective. her life is amazingly full and rich. i find myself completely entranced on each page. if you can find the time to read it (it's worth it for the vietnam stuff), go for it! you won't be disappointed.

i've been working on remastering old art interviews lately. today i watched two great interviews with hal foster and meredith monk, both extremely well spoken. i also watched a rather long interview with karen finley. i wasn't familiar with her before. i guess she's a well-known performance artist. she was very mid-western but her discussions of her work made me really want to check her stuff out.

ethan: you've got to see stuff by "the halflifers" and anthony disenzia(?). his single channel video work is right-on.

i missed the angels of light show because there was a lampo performance. it was alright--not one of the best. it was this british guy called disinformation, who works with live radio and electrical storm disturbances. he tried to explain his work but faced away from the audience while talking...those brits.

michelle is here this weekend. we've already had deep dish and margie's (ethan, you know what this means)..i don't want to eat again for days.

does anyone know when the fucking basil kirchin record is coming out????

also, who wants to come check out la monte young's dream house with me when i get to new york??? it's going to be running until the 18th of june.

i really hope you all heard about the virgin mary stain that was on a wall under an overpass here in chicago. it was on the front page of yesterday. (it looks like a vagina if you ask me.)

you guys should check out goldsmith college in london. they've got a hot ma in digial media and technoculture, among other things.

last random bit: watch "klute": jane fonda's oscar award winning performance as a call girl in 70s new york--HOTT!
all i know about the basil kirchin record is it's not out yet. they played it AGAIN on the wire's radio show yesterday--it's like they're trying to make me insane, i swear. SO GOOD!

virgin mary's been showing up everywhere lately... like soiled bedsheets in austrailia (proof that she has a sense of humor, i suppose).

if you want to talk about schools you should call me. sometimes i'm helpful.
yo bitch. I will most definitely be visiting la monte young's dream house with you. I really want to go.

My copy of the Jane Fonda Autobiography should be arriving monday. WOOHOO!

Dude. Karen Finley was awesome. Her work pissed off a lot of polititions and they tried to use her work to set a precedence with NEA funding.. Well I guess they DID use it hahaa. I LOVE that she did a piece DURING her supreme court proceedings. AWESOME.
dear zach-

mutual friends, weeee!!!

kim is a super cool girl. don't know her partner. kim's sister is super good friend from chapel hill. all other information is irrelevant.

when do you move back to ny?

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