Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Peachtree and Ostrich Eggs

Hey everyone! I am currently writing to you from a hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

My last few days in Florida were pretty good. I spent an evening at City Walk (which is Universal Studios) drinking 5 dollar Hurricanes with my friend Shannon from Minnesota. We ended up stumbling into a movie theater and seeing The Ring 2.. which was even worse then I thought it would be. And that’s pretty damn bad. Also, Movie theaters at City Walk have bars in them!

Next I rode to Atlanta with a Van full of crazy people. We got from Orlando to Atlanta in 6 hours.. which is record speed if you've ever done the drive before. On the way we passed a van full of Ostriches. Seriously. There were probably 15 of them in a truck. Pictures will be coming soon.

I was shocked at how beautiful Atlanta actually is. I've been there before but I really never noticed all the Modern Art scattered throughout the city. I walked around for a while and taking pictures of some of the sculptures etc. before I decided to do some museum hoping. I went to the GA MOCA I can't say that it was the most impressive museum I've ever been to.. but it was nice. I spent the evening hanging out at an out door Bar called Joe's Jupiter. It was nothing special but the music was nice and the waiters were FLAMING. Which made the place that much more entertaining.

Now I'm headed into DC. I'll write more later and I'll try to include some Ostrich pictures as well as some pictures of billboards I've collected. Got Jesus? I do!

By the way.. My cell phone has been acting all funky outside of Florida but its working now... sorry about that!
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