Wednesday, April 13, 2005


ron jeremy saves the day (what's yr take on cassavetes?)

this week i have been so exhausted. this accounts for my lack of postage. although, i do in fact have lots of things to share, but now i am not quite sure where to begin. does one start from the present or the past? hmm...well frank is here now; he has been here since the end of last week. he really loves berlin, this is definitely a big plus for me (everyday i'm like wouldn't you love to teach english here? you would wouldn't you?). He even took a flyer for a sublet today! good sign. he has even begun to speak german to people on the street, in shops, in restaurants, is really quite hysterical, but of course not in a patronizing sort of way.

i had searched for the m.i.a cd this week, but of course i was directed to none other than mya or mia, no no no! after all of my hopes were shattered i realised that "arular" is not coming out here until the end of april. so, ron jeremy came today and i made him buy it for me and bring it to germany with's so amazing. not only did he bring "arular," but i had informed both frank that the toilet paper here is rougher than sand paper here, so now we have about 20 rolls of "american" charmin, really no exaggeration. i wonder what customs would have thought? it's quite a funny mental image if you really thing about it. oh and also the fact that i made frank buy me tampons and bring them here also...i guess that might be a bit more amazing to envision...zach, i can hear your laugh from here...amazing!

oh...yes...before i forget...fucking bridget moved to fucking la to follow her fucking 44-yr old boyfriend...blach!

on a more exciting note i think that eva is coming to boston this summer to stay with us. she is coming for a few days in june and a few days in july, i think. very cool.

i realised a few days ago that le tigre were playing here tonight at maria am ostbahnhof. so, of course trying to figure out how to get tickets and where the concert actually is is quite a challenge. so, before today i kinda figured out where the concert was and also that i thought it was sold out. i didn't think it would be a big problem to get in, but actually it proved to be more of a challenge than i had thought. people here are not necessarily the friendliest and also it didn't seem like anyone had tickets to spare. after the show had already began by a few songs, they released 30 more tickets. so, i did in fact get in...the third time is the charm i guess, considering my other two opportunities in boston had failed. the show was very upbeat, and exciting...very tot home depot berlin style, hot! i finally got to see the matching outfits and dance moves combination that is quite a trademark. i guess people were beating each other up in the front or something, i did not see this, but i didn't expect a le tigre concert to be rowdy...a bit antithetical to their peaceful feminist ideology. i dunno, but my other breakthrough revelation was that katheen hannah does indeed know and try to sound like the x-rayspex. during "hot topic," they had this video with all of this artist memorabila, i guess you could call it and they were one band featured on there. connection confirmed.

there is so much going on here it is really hard to keep up, two nights ago boom bip played at the bastard club in prenzlauer berg but i found out a bit too late.

...and there is more art...
ethan you were definitely correct when you said the hamburger bahnhof is amazing!i have already been there twice already and i really want to go back again! i think that it definitely rivals the mass moca for me. the space is just phenomenal. i especially enjoyed the works of pipilottirist. I think I sat in front of her installations for hours. Partially because there was this gigantic furniture to sit on which was the coolest thing ever. i took frank there once and i think that HE even liked it...

there is also a group of galleries in this warehouse space by the goethe and in the courtyard there are these mechanical installations of these deadchickens. if you pay a euro you can watch them go spastic and die, quite a good way to kill a few minutes in mitte

and i also went to see monade, thanks to zach's tip, at the volksbuhne. the volksbuhne is such a great space. there are three different concert halls in the whole building. last week in the theater there, der meister und der margherita played. there is a great "bar" area to drink beer there with all of these large wooden boards, with old posters from their past shows. eveything from stereototal to autechre (who is playing next week here) to to roccoco rot. i think it was very cool. although, the opening band really was the "highlight" of the evening, their name was 'aisikl and they were compared to bonnie prince billy in the blurb, but they really really maybe bonnie prince billy with horrible lyrics and monotonous, boring music. but i really enjoyed monade, they made great use of harmonization, and the trombone. however, i believe that stereolab is better.

more details later...
viel spass.
that gigantic furniture was fucking great! what could be better after trekking all over this massive museum than sitting in hugemongous furniture and watching cool videos? and playing with a giant remote control? her other stuff was nice also, but you had to stand up so fuck it.

were there any really massive installations that were all patched-together constructions of common household items? there were two when i was there, one with more plastic/electronic stuff and big wooden poles covered in pornography, another that was more garden/woodshop type stuff with tv sets scattered inside. both were awesome and i hope you saw them... (first one was in the main entrance hall, second was in the new extension thingie out back).

did le tigre play their "this is what democracy sounds like" song? it's not often that one song makes me want to write off a band entirely, but...
yea..there was a really massive installation there. the one with all of the garden supplies and a massive garden ship or the next room i think there were almost 100 tvs depicting the artist's construction of the installtion. all of the tvs were playing different scenes from the construction. unfortunately, in the main hall they are working on a new installation right now, so that electroporno exchibit is gone! but the new one looks like it will be cool, a giant installtion of common man-made household necessities. oh that museum is so incredible!the cafe is even cool.
oh and yes, "this is what democracy sounds like," was in fact a crowd pleaser. however, it became an intense anti-war rant with footage of war protests and distorted bush images...perhaps a bit over the top and cliche...but nonetheless extremely entertaining to watch.
i think i might be off to prague for the weekend...thanks for the tips again...if only i could find a place to print them :)
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