Tuesday, May 10, 2005


forced exposure can you hear me, can you hear me forced exposure...

my super hot top ten list. so hot, heads at forced exposure will expolode. not only that, you will want to castrate yourself because you'll never be able to meaningfully conceptualize hot again.

-rolling stones: let it bleed
-black sabbath: paranoid
-david bowie: low
-brian eno: another green world
-the who: the who sing my generation
-the sonics: any and all, thanks
-the yardbirds: for your love
-led zeppelin: one

oh man that's only eight... but it's at least fifteen albums worth of awesome!

don't even ask the following questions, all the answers are yes:
-do cutoffs rule
-are you wearing cutoffs right now
-do you like van halen
-is it the seventies
-sweet records, can we hang out
-philosophy all-nighter

these questions are all answered with a no:
-wire (not the band)
-forced exposure
-are you joking
-what about hendrix
-do you think you're funny
-jerry garcia
i'm gonna come over and take a super-hot dump in the middle of your living room.
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