Saturday, May 07, 2005


support our troops.

everyone go out and buy a copy of sonic heart right now! sonic heart is a wonderful new magazine covering electronic music in the new england (but mostly boston) community, published by my friend alissa. it's imperative that all friends pursuing worthwhile endeavors are supported to the fullest. as such buy it at: beat research (mondays at the enormous room), newbury comics, twisted village, nuggets, in your ear, or cd spins for only 2 dollars... no shit. matt brown has a nice little interview with dan snaith/caribou/manitoba in it. and word on the street is next month might feature some of my photography on the cover.

seriously buy it or souls will be eaten.
u kidding me? im sending for it thru the mail :)
good work... it's the first issue so it's a little on the thin side. my prediction; however, is to expect good things now that the ball is rolling.
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