Wednesday, January 26, 2005


diarrhea of the link

ITEM! "A Perspective on the Future Economy of Music" by Jacques Attali. Sounds like a dry fart, but actually it's a big wet informational one.

ITEM! "Renegade Academia" by Simon Reynolds [these brackets hide his blog, and the post where he mentions this article all specific-like and the of k-punk itself (home of cold rationalist discourse and heartwarming tales of movies that sound really fucking great {yes i feel a strange compulsion to link everything no i don't know why}]

ITEM! If I could focus on my schoolwork at some point it would be helpful but i keep finding all these crazy fucking blogs that fill my head with craziness (be sure to check out the main site of that last one, it's impressive).

ITEM! Tomorrow I begin film journalling on this thing.
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