Monday, January 31, 2005


more outstanding usage of my free time

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: subterranean cinema. interesting site of rare movies and such. the three incredibly cool things contained within: (a) the entire text of amos vogel's film as subversive art (with pictures!), (b) the novelization of Jodorowsky's EL TOPO, the crazy occultish filmmaker I keep talking about--I mean, just look at the picture at the top of the page if you need convincing (I should be getting a copy of HOLY MOUNTAIN if roya ever sends it to me) and finally (c) the vienna aktionists page, where--zach, hold your breath--you can buy two videos containing three and a half hours of "ULTRABIZARRE AND INFAMOUS EXTREMIST PERFORMANCE ART." it's only $30 bucks and it looks insane. i'm seriously tempted.

FUN FOR HIP PEOPLE WITH GLASSES: fred camper. lots and lots of writing, especially on avant-garde stuff and especially especially on brakhage (he wrote the liner notes for that DVD). check out the links page: pretty extensive, and it led me to some interesting things, like...

[1] FILM GEEK HEADQUARTERS: frame works. email list in which various film professors and other professionals participate (including scott macdonald, who put together that cinema 16 book, amongst other things, and at least one person from the video databank).

and through that list...

[2] IN MY OWN FUCKING BACKYARD: magic lantern cinema. a series of avant-garde presentations in providence, sorta similar to balagan. goddamn it, why haven't i heard about this until now?!!?!

MEANWHILE, in the land of people who plan and scheme about how to drain even more money out of me by putting out DVD awesomeness... criterion has two upcoming releases that look pretty interesting... l'eclisse and tout va bien (godard and jane fonda... hmm). the criterion website is worth searching through--it looks like you can read most (all?) of the essays they include with the discs, and there's even a focus on czechoslovak new wave (so i can fantasize about more films i won't be able to see... sigh...)

BONUS! a terrifyingly complicated explanation of how to install soulseek on macs! i've no idea how hard this whole thing might be to implement, but goddamn if I'm not gonna give it a shot as soon as I get the time/motivation. you unemployed people should look into it... happy pilfering!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ok, so the new M83 album is making me feel like I'm in a wheaties comercial from 1987. Its freaking me out!

Yes, I've finally figured out how to work this shit. I still can't post pictures though. Thats pissing me off.

more when I actually have something inetersting to say.

I'm adding this link because I think its damn funny....

Bible Barns

po. apparently it's german for "bottom." this is what i learn in my goethe class.

fuck ethan--
i'm not even going to have time to have sex..i've got so much "academic work" to do now! i'm scheduling an official "academic" day for myself. sooooooooooooooo much reading to do.

[note: apply to post-bac! the deadline is april 15!!!!! you've got all the time in the world.]

check out lamp: I'm going to their up-coming events:

if i was in boston, i'd definitely be taking that harvard music class. i've got the audio culture book, so i'm going to start doing some reading in that. i'll let you know how it goes...

i'm starting at the video data bank on thursday. can't wait to get my hands on that shit. you have to come visit so we can watch mass amounts of video art.

i'm starting to apply for even more internships for the summer. after the berlin program in may, i'm going to try for a position with the sfmoma assisting with their exhibitions archiving. i figure until i can teach, archiving is something i wouldn't mind doing for money (probably not that much money, though..haha) i'm also applying for the media assistant spot at the kitchen in nyc. basically, i really don't want to hang out in chicago during the summer, but i guess if the video data bank is super amazing..then i just might have to consider it.

just watched "the conversation" by coppola. recommended by matmos. it was ok. kinda left me neutral. but i can see why matmos like it. about spying. lots of analog audio equipment. san francisco. 70s. it's worth a watch.
up next is contempt--fucking finally.

tomorrow i'm going to the contemporary art museum. it will be the first visit since i've been here. the last time i went was in high school. the first thing i saw when i walked in was a huge male mannequin orgy. can't wait to see what it will be this time.

also very excited about going to deadtech this weekend:

if anyone can figure out how to find a copy (or arrange of screening) of "why not: a serenade of eschatological ecology" by arakawa...please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diarrhea of the link

ITEM! "A Perspective on the Future Economy of Music" by Jacques Attali. Sounds like a dry fart, but actually it's a big wet informational one.

ITEM! "Renegade Academia" by Simon Reynolds [these brackets hide his blog, and the post where he mentions this article all specific-like and the of k-punk itself (home of cold rationalist discourse and heartwarming tales of movies that sound really fucking great {yes i feel a strange compulsion to link everything no i don't know why}]

ITEM! If I could focus on my schoolwork at some point it would be helpful but i keep finding all these crazy fucking blogs that fill my head with craziness (be sure to check out the main site of that last one, it's impressive).

ITEM! Tomorrow I begin film journalling on this thing.

Monday, January 24, 2005



yes. i misspelled bardot. (among other things.) JESUS!

Ich heisse Zach. Wie heissen Sie?


so i hope you all aren't totally snowed in! today is the first day that things are finally clearing up--no more snow! scott and i had to dig his car out yesterday--took about 40 minutes, with the aided help of some homeless dude.

ubuweb is amazing--that's where i got "i am sitting in a room" and tons of fluxus stuff for my art history presentation.

today was scott's orientation at the school, so i accompanied him since friends and family were invited. the more i learn about the art institute, the more i want to get in! some guy from boston talked about all the abroad trips the school offers, including winter interim trips to japan, prague, etc. you get to go to another country, study the art, history, and architecture there, visit the art schools, and get space to make work!!

i haven't started my internship with the video data bank. looks like my first day is going to be a week from thursday. i'm really excited--i'm going to help preserve old videos by transferring them to digital formats and also help archive! i can't wait to start because i'm going to get a staff pass that gets me into all the museums in chicago for free! the internship length is indefinitive with potential to get paid during the summer if i choose to stay. you guys would love this place. it's open to the public. you should go through their catalogs on-line, find out what you'd like to see, and when you come visit (if you come visit, haha) i'll arrange it for you! go to:

nicole, i can't stop laughing because everywhere i go there are icicles of death! so fucking big and scary! they actually block off parts of the sidewalks downtown with signs that say "danger falling ice"...i'm going to start carrying my camera around so i can send you pics. now i just need to add a spider to a toilet bowl and then i'll totally convince you to never come here!

arnold sent me an interesting email today about a school in austria named transart institute. nicole and ethan, i think you guys might be into this...go to their website and read about the program:

ethan, if you do move here. facets is the place for you to work. you'd love it so much. the video store is super tiny. no movies playing--just music that the employees pick out. it's attacted to the cinema, which is about double the video screening room at coolidge. i'm sure nicole told you about the film test i had to take--i thought it was pretty hard. i guess i have a narrow focus in film, there were lots of films/directors i didn't know...i'd heard of them, but couldn't think of names with just a blank line. i'm going to hear back from them in a week. you should really go to their website and join their unlimited rentals. it's $24 a month for unlimited rentals. i just did it the other excited. they have vito acconci's red tapes, fluxus art, exploding plastic inevitable footage...lots of shit!

i saw two interesting documentaries. if they come on in boston, you guys should definitely go check them out.
1) in the realms of the unreal - a doc. on outsider artist henry darger. very interesting to say the least. the director's choice to bring to artist's watercolor paintings to life via animation really fascinated me.
2) superstar in a house dress. it's a doc. on warhol/morrissey drag queen jackie curtis. i was really into this one (go figure), but it was so informative! really makes you think about jackie curtis in a completely different way. great archive footage of performances from the 60s--go see this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scott and i have been scouting the bar scene...some of the coolest so far:
rainbo club - mix of silhouette and the model with no sports playing and art work on the walls. more indie than hipster.
golden star - irvine welsh hangs out here when he's in town apparently. very, very divey. pool table not much more, but seemingly cool kids there...solid mid-twenties scene..NICE!
sonotheque - electronica/dj bar. it's not labled if that tells you anything. this thursday there is going to be a sound installation plus experimental harpist performing.
the empty bottle - like the middle east but a total dive. it took us forever to find it, and it's a block away on the street we live on!!! there is no sign, just the name written with black magic marker on a door... they have free avant-jazz nights every monday.
there are quite a few bars with experimental music nights...i'm hoping a few a them turn out to be cool.

my favorite coffee shop is atomix. very space age. but the music is lacking (still not where near as bad as espresso)... lots of tasty food. i can't stop eating pizza...but there are pretty decent veggie places here.

as for the galleries, haven't been to that many, but they are promising. the spaces are awesome and most of the time unmarked. i've found an amazing performance space called buddy where lots of crazy body art and extreme performances happen. lampo is another experimental performance venue!

--and if all this shit hasn't convinced you to come yet, i have a ton of free admittance tickets for the art institute!

i've been reading lucy lippard's six years. i'm in love with sol lewitt.

just watched:
porcile (pigsty) - pasolini. cannibalism. weird bougie pig allusions.
don juan (of ir don juan were a woman) - vadim! an older, saltry bardotte seducing all the men she can.
cat o nine tails - early argento. nice. excellent morricone score.

gotta study the german.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

"Then as now, the "attraction" was a term of the fairground, and for Eisenstein and his friend Yuketvich it primarily represented their favorite fairground attraction, the roller coaster, or as it was known then in Russia, the American Mountains."
--Tom Gunning, "The Cinema of Attraction: Early Film, Its Spectator, and the Avant-Garde," in Robert Stam and Toby Miller, Eds., Film and Theory: An Anthology (Blackwell Publishers, 1999), 232.[1]

The little nuggets of hilarious shit one stumbles across in academia just make my day sometimes...

School is going to be intense this semester. Grundmann has declared Film Theory to be mostly a reading class, meaning we can multiply his usual heavy workload by two, and that's before we get to Avant-Garde 4 (which should be fairly brilliant, by the way--the first film we watched was Brakhage's The Act Of Seeing With One's Own Eyes, which is essentially a half hour of watching corpses be cut up on the autopsy table and a perfect way to kick things off if you ask me). I have a stack of printouts an inch thick; this covers the first two weeks. Fuck.

My 20th Century American Poetry class should be interesting, although I think I'm in a bit over my head... I haven't read any Whitman or Dickinson or Blake or Yeats or Keats, at least not in a meaningful way. We're starting with Wallace Stevens, who is blowing my mind. A sample:

The Emperor of Ice Cream

Call the roller of big cigars,
The muscular one, and bid him whip
In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.
Let the wenches dawdle in such dress
As they are used to wear, and let the boys
Bring flowers in last month's newspapers.
Let be be finale of seem.
The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

Take from the dresser of deal,
Lacking the three glass knobs, that sheet
On which she embroidered fantails once
And spread it so as to cover her face.
If her horny feet protrude, they come
To show how cold she is, and dumb.
Let the lamp affix its beam.
The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

Ridiculous, serious, bawdy, beautiful... I really appreciate an artist, especially a poet, who can be playful and sincere in the same poem... I'll shut up before I get weepy.

today's theme = audio enema
ONE ubuweb. Holy fucking shit--massive, mindblowingly huge site of cool shit in a million flavors. Take the sound section for example: "Categories include Dadaism, Futurism, early 20th century literary experiments, musique concrete, electronic music, Fluxus, Beat sound works, minimalist and process works, performance art, plunderphonics and sampling, and digital glitch works, to name just a few. As the practices of sound art continue to evolve, categories become increasingly irrelevant, a fact UbuWeb embraces. Hence, our artists are listed alphabetically instead of categorically." And there's more! Poetry, a collection of outsider art (I can recommend the 365 Days Project as particularly insane), experimental radio, conceptual writing... I'm deathly afraid of exploring this website right now because I don't know if I'll ever be able to escape.
TWO V/Vm - the owls are not what they seem. "The sound of Twin Peaks edited and condensed into a seven inch." Perhaps sounds a bit more interesting than it is, but it's creepy and I like it.
THREE Electronic Music: History and Aesthetics of Popular Music Since the 1960s. "From the tape-splicing and studio-craft that are now part and parcel of popular music production to the increasingly central and creative role played by DJs in the transmission and performance of music, electronic music—i.e., music produced, performed, and mediated via electronic technologies—has suffered from an absence in the public conversation at the same time that it has enjoyed a certain ubiquity. When discussion does turn to electronic music and its various subjects, the discourse reveals a range of assumptions about technology and musicianship, ownership and community, social change and cultural continuity, to name a few. This course aims to illuminate the many ways that electronic technologies have shaped popular music production and consumption over the last fifty years, shaping selves (and often others) in the process."
FOUR Hermeneutics of Suspicion: Paranoia and the Technological Sublime in Drum and Bass Music. The title makes me giggle like a little girl. A little girl who turns into a man-eating vagina monster when she hears da hott jungla beatz.

Attention span... totally done. More later.

Monday, January 17, 2005


goddamn! i'm drinkin' some hoe-ass chai...

...and by hoe, yes, i mean it tastes like REAL dirty ass!

so i'm in wicker park and the COOL coffee shop charges $3 an hour for wireless--LAME!

i live in a "ghetto"...well, ghetto by boston's standards. a mother and her kids like above me. one of them is handicapped because he was shot in a drive-by shooting (note: not in the area i am living in though...the government moved them to my building..which only has four apartments..pretty small.) there's this rad black dude underneath us with fucked up teeth named charlie.

oh, people are smoking this coffee shop-- a lot of people to me exact.

it's been so fucking cold here i haven't wanted to go out at all. scott does have a car, so we've been driving to places during the day...

there is a pretty cool record store called reckless records in wicker park...i doubt they're hiring. i'm meeting with the video data bank tomorrow, and hopefully i will get an internship--and if i'm really lucky, maybe even a job!!! i'm going to try and sign up for a german class at the goethe, which starts tomorrow....i'm also planning to drop by facets and see if they're looking for any part-time help.... if all of the above goes to shit...well, expect to see me real soon!!!!!!!!

scott's mom has been here for a few days. she really hooked us up: food, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, furniture--she's amazing to say the least! and so this restaurant she couldn't get over people smoking inside..

as for chicago in general, i'm not that impressed. it's big and dirty and ugly and--i guess--dangerous. that's how chicago is have to really crack the crust to get to the good shit. the subway's expensive--that $1.75 one ride.

i'll let you know what happens tomorrow.
nicole, thanks for the nico song--it's a lifesaver.
jess, i wish i could have gotten a wiff of those meaty farts you were letting today.
ethan, i've bookmarked the enema tips. i'm sure they'll come in handy someday. tell katie there is A LOT to photograph here--and i do mean that in any way you want to take it--APPLY TO THE FUCKING SCHOOL HERE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

later massholes.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I'm making one for everyone!!

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