Thursday, March 31, 2005


...and there are always some sassy columbians.

since berlin has not stopped once since i've gotten here; i feel like i can't stop either. by the end i think that it might get a bit exhausted. i guess i will deal with that when the time comes. so i haven't told you anything about my class. there are about 20 people, and everyone is from a different country except there are two americans and two columbians. so, it's very interesting because there are so many languages going on all at once. unfortunately, i haven't found people i can click with in my class or at the institut in general, but i don't really care. this italian kid is really nice, and he wants to party really bad, but doesn't want to alone, so i told him that we can go party together, which will be damn funny i'm sure. as for the class my, teacher's name is oliver. i can't tell if he's gay or just german. he's a really good teacher and i have learned so much german in two days it is incredible. we had this meet and greet yesterday after class and i met this kid who is in the uber advanced level. it just happens to turn out that he is the guatemalan ambassador to Germany's son. and he so would'nt stop flirting with me, and he was damn nasty. i went out to dinner with him and this frenchy and the guatamalan insisted on paying, i said "we don't do that in america!" then he was like, "I didn't know I was going to meet you tonite!" And I was like, "well you did, so what?!" so he tried to get me to go out with him and i was like, "I need to go to bed!" gross!
so, tonite i went to this amazing musik performance. it was at the BALLHAUS NAUNYSTRASSE. This "classical" music hall and it is actually in the neighborhood i live in, kreuzberg. It is a few S-Bahn stops away. The ensemble performing was envyloop. It was called the "bleak texas thing tour." There were two guys, Butch Rovan, (clarinet, mac, vocals) an american, who actually is a composer and performer on the faculty of the department of music at Brown, where he co-directs meme@brown (multimedia & electronic music experiments@brown). Before this he worked for the center of experimental music and intermedia, at the university of north texas (mmmm?). And then before this he worked in paris at the Institut de recherche et coordination acoustic, hot! And Ulrich Maiss, (cello, keyboard, vocals) a german, who is a contemporary european chamber music artist. He is now working with lou reed to complete a cello-soloversion of metal machine music called cellomachine. They described tonight's performance as a "dynamic live-electro-improv-acoustic-meltdown duoformed by composer/performers. With their combination of acoustic instruments, live electronics, interactive video and found objects, Rovan and Maiss create an eclectic mix of musical styles." Butch Rovan started off with this crazy cyber glove thing and a blue flourescent ball and he was basically moving his entire body to create sound interactively. He had video work called, "collisions," to go along with it, that he described as his tribute to surrealist film maker, Bunuel. Then both musicians harmonized their instruments, clarinet and cello, with the cacophony of noises coming from their computers. They also took turns making indecipherible sounds into the microphone. There was a video piece, which portrayed a bleak picture of texas, that was screened during this piece. The final piece was inspired by the poem, a room in brooklyn, by anne carson, inspired by andrew hopper and st. augustine, that doesn't sound pretentious of anything! Maiss, recorded himself reading the poem and it was then distorted, which they incorporated into their music, as they played they recorded what they had just played and then played that and played over it...and so on and so on. most enjoyable, and for some reason they said they had technical difficulties, so it was free!

peaches made me do the hustle!

hey. here's the latest bits...i followed Rick Steve's Bus #100 tour and the Unter Den Linden walking tour from the Brandenburg gate and Alexanderplatz, on Tuesday. Did you know that there is a Starbucks and a Dunkin Donuts at the Brandenburg Gate, oh how i miss communism. I.M. Pei's building for the deutsches historisches museum berlin is phenomenal. I also saw the palast der republik, which, in the days of communism, was east berlin's parliament building and futuristic entertainment complex. It has supposed to have been demolished for years now, but still has not been yet. east berliner's are fighting to keep it standing, though. On the roof, in white neon letters it says, Zweifel, or doubt. The installation was designed by Ramberg .
So, I ventured out to try and find the peach. Of course, I went two stops too far and had to pee really bad, resulting in a public toilet experience (did you know that they play music in there? Das Kool)! Anyhow, I got to a rather non descript apartment very close to Alexanderplatz, with no sign of anything. They like to do this in Berlin, nothing has signs...its actually really cool though. Anyhow, there were two people in front, so i had to know what was going on. So, I asked. They didn't know much either, but now we were in this together. It did result in a very fun night though. I made friends, manuella from northeast italy, robert who had some crazy
grudge against Kreuzberg, suzie who will send me pictures of peaches, and yan, who knows what happened to him i saw him for like 5 minutes. But it was quite a good time. So, we got in after a few minutes, only 4 euro, so everyone was doubtful that peaches would be there. It looked rather low key, like someone's apartment or something. There was a chick dj-ing who was so wanna be peaches with the hair and everything, she played MJ, pulp, etc...and for a while i actually thought it was peaches. Then peaches comes out, mind you this is not like a stage or anything, its just a big room. She is wearing red spandex, high heels,
and a pink wrestling jacket from ohio. She starts yelling, and tells us we need to put our faces down and asses up, then she starts playing face down, and she keeps yelling about how we are not putting out faces down and our asses up, and then see makes us to this stupid dance to the song. then when we are done with that she makes us snowball, which means two people need to start slow dancing and then they need to pick two other people when the music stops and so was chaos. Although, there were only about 200 people in the whole place. So, then she makes us all get in 6 lines and do the hustle. Then her and this namosh dude are wearing knee pads, so they start russian dancing and break dancing, and finally she makes us do disco grind with one another. Luckily, manuella played along with me and was my partner for the dances. Oh and there was this crazy (i think she was american or canadian) chick who rubbing herself against everyone. She came up to suzie and started dancing with her and then licked her arm the whole way up, her face was amazing! but the funny thing was peaches only did her thing for like 15 minutes and then just walked around the club and drank, then i saw her on the street, when i was hailing a cab, with namosh and she also added a see through plastic shirt to her wardrobe. we all danced a bit more when the actual dj's came on again after peaches. those germans sure love their rapture and lcd soundsystem. but it come to an end soon after that, but peaches was most certainly the highlight of
the evening. oh and did i mention i got super drunk on hefe-weissen and rothaus pils--cheap german beer is so good! so, the place where i saw peaches, the zentrale randlage is definitely worth revisitng in the future. why is berlin so cool...much more to tell, but die deutsche Kurs beckons.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I was once a tree house. I lived in a cake. But I never saw the way, the orange slayed the rake.

I have watched this about fifty times and I still can't figure out why it makes me laugh so damn hard EVERY time.
Llama Llama Duck

and just to add to the stupidity..


world's tiniest poot

so today i had my teach for america interview, 'twas quite interesting. i was pretty nervous during my sample lesson but whatever, i did good in the actual interviewing. the teach for america employees (both ex-teachers in the program) were kinda scary, in a "it's so great to see all of your interest in joining our movement!" kind of way. i mean, it's definitely for a good cause, but i still felt like i was joining a cult.

some of the sample lessons were frightening though... one girl said hers was intended for "pre-kindergarden" (not an option as far as i know) and proceeded to hand out barnyard animal finger puppets and have us sing "old mcdonald." in the course of doing this she noted that "sheep are important because [something garbled about europe and milk and cows] and their wool is where we get the cotton to make our clothes! [chucks puppet at someone] and we eat their meat. " she's graduating from BU. of course. then another girl had a little lesson about the freedoms granted to us by our constitution which basically amounted to we have the liberty and freedom to work a job, buy a house or a car, and have a family. mmhmm. of course, i made jokes about my hair using double negatives and then quoted george orwell (shut up, it was good example).

if anyone wants some mp3s of jonny greenwood's performance at the ether festival that just took place in london (two totally awesome instrumental pieces--i'm talking like steve reich kinda good--as well as two radiohead tracks) just let me know and i'll gmail them to you.

ALSOALSOALSO!!!! did anyone know that ubuweb has classic avant-garde films you can download and watch? check it out--kenneth anger, un chien andalou, john cage, guy debord, marcel duchamp, 37 short fluxus films, isidore isou, laszlo moholy-nagy, robert morris & stan vanderbeek, robert rauschenberg, man ray, hans richter, harry smith, and jack smith! granted they're probably low-quality rips, but talk about good stuff--holy shit!

(also, mick jagger's soundtrack to 'invocation of my demon brother'. can we award ubuweb the Best Website in the World Award yet?)

oh yes, for katie/non-blogger-users/ghosts/government agents out there who might be reading this, i made comments open to anyone. use that shit!

(ps. more MU.)

Sunny Prestatyn

Create your own justification for war with this magnetic war rhetoric kit!

Two days in a row with low humidity! Par-tay!!
Friday I went to a multi media/ performance art event at this place called Stardust (which is the only place you can find decent movies around here). There was a kid there doing some live sound performance with projection. It was really interesting and really sad since I was one of only 5 people that showed up.

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and the guy waiting to go after me was Carrot top! I was shocked to find out that he was waiting to get his hair dyed! Fraud! Carrot top is a fraud! (although I think his hair really is red .. he just dyes it brighter)

I went to a party at my friend Regia's parents mansion outside of Orlando. Their house is incredibly large. They have a pool with several waterfalls and coves which is attached to a cabana seating area with a bar that has beer on tap. They also have a guest house with a full gym and rec room upstairs. We took the golf carts out in the back yard and managed to break one (well.. cathy did not me) and of course.. it wouldn't have been a party had I not injured myself some how. So I did. Scraped my hand while riding the golf cart. nothing too serious.

Last night I went to Spy Bar. You have to walk through this other trashy looking bar to the back, through an employees only door, down a hall and then you're there. There are about 50 TV screens all over the bar that are attached to video cameras all over the other trashier bar. There are camera's in the photo booth, the bathroom, at each table. So when the people at the trashy bar get drunk and start doing stupid shit you can watch it! hahahaha. It was actually really amusing. It was pretty cool... for Orlando that is.

I was trying to keep a tally of all the Bush stickers I've seen here.. but I lost count after the first day.
Being here, among the Christian conservatives and the trashy strip malls has compelled me to go back and read some Philip Larkin Poems.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


teaches of namosh and peaches.

guten abends. today i had orientation at the Goethe institut. it surprisingly is quite nice. i mean all i received was where to send money to and a confirmation that i made it into the program, so i guess it has surpassed my low expectations. i even met this italian dude who is in my class, his name is--damn! i am so bad with names...
so, the building is located on Neue Schönhauser, which is in between Alexanderplatz and the Reichstag, and directly next to a large Diesel store (self-restraint). quite central. the building is located just off the main street, through a cobblestoned courtyard. the interior is very icelandic/norse, you know how they love their frosted glass panels? we had intense placement examinations today, multiple choice, writing componenet, and speaking interview. Luckily, i´m right on track and placed into the next level 2.1. oh and the goethe has a computer lab/library. they have every stereototal cd to take out, hot! damn, why are these keyboards so difficult to use? At least this one has an exclamation point.
To Nicole--on the the way to the Goethe there is the largest Starbucks I have ever seen. There have a whole upper floor via spiral staircase, that is the whole size of espresso just filled with comfy chairs and couches.
so this morning, by the Goethe, i saw a poster that caught my eye. It said the teaches of namosh and peaches, 29.03.05, after a short freakout that that could be last nite, i realised that it was tonite. i searched the internet far and wide to find info about it, none. then when i was about to give up i found it. i think, but since the info was half in german and there was a dearth of it who knows, that they are potentially doing a dj set in prenzlauerberg, (of course, where else is hip enough for peaches?) at the Zentrale Randlage, or maybe there are performing, je ne sais pas. I would post the URL, but the website sucks real bad, so i thought there was no point. There is some info here at (sorry url won´t work on this computer), so if anyone has imput? I will be sure to give full details after the "event". freaky, i think spanish e-liz is sitting next to me.

Monday, March 28, 2005


i smell.

i finally made it to berlin. and everything has run all too smoothly. i even figured out how to use the internet. you guys, you need to come here right now. i'm totally serious. this apartment is way hotter in person, and i thought the pictures were hot. holy shit! it is seriously incredible. the third picture of the apartment is actually a tower that is on top of the apartment that gives a panoramic view of all of east berlin, the U-Bahn, the Spree, the TV tower, you seriously can see it all. and the apartment itself is amazing. the first picture of the widows are actually the windows in the kitchen, which open all the way up for an amazing breeze, they overlook a park and the Spree and this crazy sculpture in the water of two 20 ft tall people. and there are even two bedrooms. there is so much room, ethan bring everyone over we can start the commune in Berlin, who's game?
so Norman's sister, Birge, let me into the place. She is very nice and modelesque, damn europeans! Apparently Her and Norman are both working for the Goethe-Institut. Although, what is even more ironic is that she met her boyfriend in October at the Berlin Film Festival (they were both working there) and he is from Seattle, living in LA, but he was a theater major at BU. small ass world. he was taking the same course that i will be taking at the Goethe, but his just finished. he will be here for a few more works, so i think that i will be meeting him.
alright, i'm much too antsy now...i need to go for a walk....

almost there.


i had to get rid of my swiss francs because i'm a dumbass american idiot and i thought they used euros here, so now i need to get rid of them, so here's a post from the airport in zurich. i arrived about 3 hours ago and i feel like i've been here forever, probably because i have not slept yet and i'm still comotose from the inflight games (namely solitaire). Already, I think i chipped a tooth on a croissant, might have provided my credit card number on an unsecure server, and got cut off in line for cappuccino by Russians, who I thought were townies from Revere, hey they were wearing hardcore 80's apparel, denim cowboy boots, teased hair, rhinestone jean jackets, its really an honest mistake. At least I got to see the alps. Damn this keyboard is so annoying, no exclamation points and the "y" is in a weird ass spot. Culture Shock. Not to mention people are smoking everywhere (exclamation pt.). Well my franc change is dwindling, speak to you when i get to Berlin.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


one two roommate switcheroo.

there is quite likely a room soon to be available in my appartment. my roommate wants to move out, and move in with his girlfriend. if anyone knows anyone cool who needs a place to live as of may let me know. rent is $687.50/month, heat and hot water included.

perks include: access to massive record collection, high enebriation levels, daily doses of razor sharp wit, free wireless internet, fully furnished living room.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


she's a grand ol' flag...

partial truth
Originally uploaded by theqman.

if only all flags said 'partial truth'... just one more reason to go to the hamburger bahnhof i guess!

don't know if y'all heard about this: banksy hangs his own art in four big new york museums. brilliant. check out his website, he's definitely one of the better graffiti/stencil artists going.

i've always been a big fan of the radiohead documentary meeting people is easy, despite everyone else whinging and whining about how dull it is. i don't know if this proves it's good or not, but some guy wrote a paper called Modernist Thought and Practice in the Documentary Meeting People is Easy by Grant Gee. my first reaction to the introduction (esp. his tenets of modernism) was 'ummm, duh, it's radiohead' but hey, at least someone besides myself likes the film.


a german tropical paradise?

Believe it or not there is an indoor tropical resort southwest of Berlin. Take a dip in the wellness lagoon, trek through the rainforest, even watch a tropical island musical review entitled "viva brasil" and the best part about it, it's open 24/7! Only 25 euros for six hours during peak time, what a deal!
Don't get a german sunburn!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


put my poopy chanel dress

During one of my quests to find interesting live music in Berlin I stumbled upon the video for
Paris Hilton by MU. I must say that it makes the song just that much better. Is it just me or does anyone feel like Drew Daniel should be in this video?

Oh and if anyone misses me while I am away you can always Rent a German!. Be sure to check out the customer reviews, they are quite insightful.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Still from Dwelling

Mass (colder darker matter) by Cornelia Parker

Untitled wall painting Gardar Eide Einarsson

Also, I was thinking about Vito Acconci and the whole transition from Performance to Architecture.. and I realized that Chris Burden did the same thing I believe.

And I think he built a very large one room per floor tower too.. I should go back and read the paper I wrote on him ahahaha.

Last but not least...
Charles Long is HOT.

I believe this particular piece can be seen at the Walker Museum.. which I plan to visit when I go to Minneapolis in May.

shake and save

please save me
check out the image slideshow for little doe-eyed fatness.
Boycott Canadian seafood!

small chunks of happy happy happy

::We watched a bunch of Bruce Connor in American Independent Film today: Mongoloid, America is Watching, A Movie, Vivian, Take the 5:10 to Dreamland, and Valse Triste. Finally, Ray Carney is coming through on the avant-garde tip. Too bad he never looks at me during class--I actually have things to say now, damn it!

::Drew Daniel's Musique Concrete Smash Hits.

::The Korsakow System. Apparently lets you do real-time image manipulation stuff... I'm in the computer lab so I can't test it out right now, but hey, it's a free download...


My technological illiteracy has kept me from posting, actually I have no good excuse. So, for the first time in my life waiting until the last minute has paid off. This is my Berlinerhaus for the month of April. It is in Kreuzberg am Mitte and there is a great view of the Spree river. I am still in awe (aka. please come visit me)!




don't know exactly what this is...

Here are the links to the bio of the guy I am renting from. He is a writer/journalist who is currently in Pakistan. His websites are worth a look.

Monday, March 21, 2005


i cannot make it!

well, even though i haven't posted in such a long time, i really don't have that much to say.

however, since nicole's getting ready to go home and so is scott, i think i'm jumping on the bandwagon. (basically, i don't want to stay in chicago for 5 days alone...) at least if i go home, i can probably convince my parents to get me some new clothes since all of mine have holes in them...

ethan, i'm sure you probably know about this program, but i thought i'd still point it out. it seems great for you: a mix of theory and practice. technocultural studies at uc davis douglas kahn is head of the program there...pretty hot...

in other news, i found a subletter today! her name is alaina, and she is a second year law student at the university of michigan. her and some other law friend are going to take the place from may 20th through august!!!!! scott and i are going to leave the place furnished, which is so exciting. for once, i'm going to live minimally! (although i might have to keep my multi-region dvd player because of kim's...and maybe my records plater also....shit...) yes, so scott and i are going to spend the summer in new york (we're 99% sure). i'll expect you all to come down and hang out! right now we're trying to make michelle (scott's old roommate) kick out her roommate so we can get scott's old room for the summer. apparently, the guy hates the place, so it seems pretty likely that we'll get it!

bill fay--methane river--oh yeah!

a thousand years of immortality

a thousand years of immortality
Originally uploaded by theqman.

this picture is of a fantastically useful and not-at-all-gimmicky construction right beside the memorial to all the people who died trying to escape east berlin. think about it when you're over there, jess. immortality for only a few euros!

also, here is some hamster music. i am somewhat suspicious of a hoax, but only because the music sample he's got up there is actually pretty good. (via pitchfork. did you know drew daniel is reviewing tracks for them now?)

Friday, March 18, 2005


I'll just go ahead and take all the pretension out of this blog of pretension

Road Side America

find a trashy tourist attraction near you..

Anyone in MA want to see the first Maple Syrup in space?

speaking of dominant cultures and tall pointy things


someone smashed my window, broke into my brand new car last night

So I got an email with this picture.. taken outside the Barnes and Noble at 7 this morning...

and for some added amusment.. yes, zach, tori is wearing butterfly wings.


Asshat is a fun word to say.


all hail the conquering cocks

big pointy
Originally uploaded by theqman.

i'm gonna keep posting photos of berlin until jess leaves. why not?

this one goes up in dedication to last night's drunken conversation with katie and nicole about how dominant societies seem to be the ones who build the best big pointy things. there's a definite continuity from churches getting ridiculously huge up until, oh, say, the 20th century, when we start seeing things like the washington monument, skyscrapers, tv towers, and so on...

prague (as always) is a good example of this all in one city. the two dominant figures of the skyline are the giant st. vitus cathedral in the castle complex up on the hill, and across the river, the massive tv tower finished by the communists in the late 1980s. interestingly, i can't seem to find a picture anywhere where you can see both of them.

in other news: subterranean cinema has pulled the text of amos vogel's film as subversive art. apparently there's going to be a re-release, and vogel requested it be taken down. i can't find a damn bit of information anywhere else about the book being reprinted (internet, you FAIL me today!) but let's cross our fingers, i guess. maybe he's even adding a chapter or two on recent subversive stuff!

parting shot: totally kick-ass art blog. she seems to have a guest poster of late, but scroll down and read the entries from March 13th and 14th. the archives ain't bad either--i found the site when i was googling vito acconci's the red tapes. awesome.

Monday, March 14, 2005


don't be such a kunst.

i hear a green world
Originally uploaded by theqman.

speaking of bruce nauman... that's roya from my study abroad program and her boyfriend jackson inside a little nauman construction in berlin.

the hamburger bahnhof is awesome. i don't know if i ever stressed to everyone how amazing what we saw there really was. click on the link and read about the freidrich christian flick collection (click the picture then 'collection').

what we weren't quite aware of at the time beyond the level of rumor* was that the whole thing is rather controversial--apparently flick's grandfather was a well-know nazi war criminal. unfortunately the magazine that the museum administration put together to talk about the various issues at hand is all in german (you can read some general info on the site under 'newspaper'), but handy me found a very general BBC article and a much better one on artnet that interviews some artists as well.
in other weird offspring-of-a-notorious-person news, dario argento's daughter asia has a movie showing at the new york underground film festival called The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things; the trailer is worth checking out. she appears to be an experienced actress (judging by the length of her imdb entry); mostly french films and stuff directed by her father (go figure), although she did star opposite vin diesel in XXX! i remember someone very booby slinking around in the adverts but there are always slinky booby people in spy movies i guess. it also looks like this is the seventh thing she's directed, which could of course be a good or a bad omen, depending on how you look at it. whatever. it's got marilyn manson in it. boringpopculturenamecheckingwoohoo!

*actually roya might have known, i'm a dumbass though and just enjoyed the hell out of it.


we are not so complicated.

i don't know how i never heard this track until now, but all should check out "kick out the chairs" by munk, with assistance from james murphy (of dfa/lcd soundsytem fame). what a banger... i especially like the whomadewho funk remix. download it here. hot damn.

ichi the killer

Also, Zach, did you see this Bruce Nauman when you went to PS1?

check this girl out... I really like the CO2 machine... of course she went to SAIC..
Sabrina Raaf

Sunday, March 13, 2005


these tapes are dedicated to lizzie borden

oh my fuck, did i ever go on a binge. i wish i could be more interesting, but the list format is the only possible way of conveying the full extent of the whole thing. ergo:

Odd Obsession/Facets:
Super 8 1/2 (1993) -- Bruce LaBruce
Cremaster Pt. 1 (1995) -- Matthew Barney
The Servant (1963) -- Joseph Losey
Alucarda (1975) -- Juan Lopez Moctezuma
House (Hausu) (1977) -- Nobuhiko Obayashi

Video Data Bank:
Baldessari Sings Lewitt (1972) -- John Baldessari
Weather Diary 3, A Rocky Interlude, 500 Millibars to Ecstasy, Return to the House of Pain (1987, 1990, 1989, 1988) -- George Kuchar
Learn Where the Meat Comes From -- Suzanne Lacy
EVOL (1985) -- Tony Oursler
Face Off, The Red Tapes, Water Ways: Four Saliva Studies (1972, 1976, 1971) -- Vito Acconci
Chris Burden (documentary, 1991) -- Peter Kirby
John Cage: Conversations (interview, 1978) -- Artists TV Network
Joe Dimaggio, The Waltons, When I Was A Monster, I Am Crazy and You're Not Wrong (1991, 1996, 1996, 1997) -- Anne McGuire
Imitations of Life (2003) -- Mike Hoolboom
Surveying the First Decade, Program 2: Investigations of the Phenomenal World
Black and White Tapes (excerpt, 1972) -- Paul McCarthy
Stamping In The Studio (excerpt, 1968) -- Bruce Nauman
Double Vision (1971) -- Peter Campus
Boomerang (1974) -- Richard Serra
Island Song (1976) -- Charlemagne Palestine
Cycles of 3's and 7's (excerpt, 1976) -- Tony Conrad
The Children's Tapes (1974) -- Terry Fox
Soundings (1979) -- Gary Hill
Lightning (1976) -- Paul and Marlene Kos
Sweet Light (1977) -- Bill Viola

for what it's worth, i did see a fair bit of the city as well, and had a talk with an admissions person at the SAIC.

Monday, March 07, 2005


battle rhymes for battle times


i don't want it to seem like i'm chronically reading myself into smart people here (see part 4), but i can't help but quoting a bit of that soft pink truth invisible jukebox and noting that it's pretty much the exact same trajectory i've followed over the past, oh, six or seven years. creepy.

"But I will say that between punk rock and academica for me there is a continuity. When I discovered punk rock I was also discovering a set of critical attitudes towards the society around me which was the key to unlock something. When I discovered certain forms of critical theory like psychoanalysis or Situationist-inflected Marxism, these are keys to unlock what's around you, to criticise ideologies, to criticise gender. What's implicit in a lot of punk rock is a critical stance."

see, i've been fooling myself into believing that i'm smarter than everyone else by submersing myself in media that serve to reinforce that belief for a long time now!

ps. drew daniel has a really goofy laugh.


a bunch of people who post on internet message boards about letting music completely bitchwhip their entire lives has created a blog wherein said people post, a track at a time, an entire mix cd. they're working on a third right now. i've put together the first two, and goddamn if there aren't some fucking amazing songs. like grace jones getting a bit lost herself in joy division's "she's lost control." dance/funk/disco weirdness. yes.

the entire effect reminds me very much of the four tet "late night tales" mix, although very much off on a different tangent, but nevertheless a very good thing. yes.

and now that i look at the tracklist of that four tet album--i'm missing the last two songs, including one by manitoba! yes.

"myrth: the brakish truth perspective of a sometimes trash collector"


hmm. postmodernism totally rips off dada.

"However, there is one difference between the original Dadaists and these particular postmodernists (or “neo-Dadaists”, as Richter would call them). The original Dadaists all believed that modern culture had become empty and insane, and by tuning into this insanity, they themselves might bring about positive change (Richter 1965; Rubin 1967). For many, Dada was characterized as an attempt to transcend “...the world of stale conventions in society to again face the irrational chaos of life and answer to the nothingness of existence” (Rumold 1996: 205). They saw the world as irrational and mad, but believed that this was acceptable, as long as we all realized and accepted this condition (Dachy 1990; Richtor 1965). This may seem arrogant, but at least it was optimistic. Baudrillard and Lyotard do not share such optimism. They believe that something irreplaceable has been lost, and culture has advanced into a state of implosion and/or emptiness from which it cannot escape (Baudrillard 1988; Connor 1989; Lyotard 1984; Kellner 1990; Youngblood 1989). I argue that this pessimism is ultimately rooted in conservatism."

this has always, in my admittedly peripheral contact with the whole issue, kinda driven me insane. i wrote a whole paper on white noise basically complaining about how people insisted on reading at some sort of bleak empty catastrophe scary pomo thingie, which i think totally misses delillo's point, because he recognizes there's no disconnect in history (i mean, think about it for one fucking second--actually, think about that one fucking second. when exactly was it that history ended? how do you actually prove something like that? oh what's the use, i'll probably read something next week that'll totally change my mind...)


it is totally not fair that books cost so much sometimes.


Crisis in the Arts: The History of Dada. Stephen C. Foster, ed.
Circles of Confusion. Hollis Frampton.
Andy Warhol's Interview.

the relative inexpensiveness of certain books makes my wallet leak.

examples. (aka "purchased")
Dada: Art and Anti-Art. Hans Richter.
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.
Writing on Drugs. Sadie Plant. hardcover. 4 bucks. drugs!
The Writings of Marcel Duchamp. The publisher's website is the only place I could find any info but it was enough to sell me.

And the new Mars Volta because boy do I love me my overblown pomposity in fantastically rocking formats. mars volta, i think, is what hair metal might actually be if it were good.


animation at the harvard film archive was pretty sweet. since this info doesn't seem to be posted online, i run to the rescue:

Masters of Animation: The Dreaming Mind
This evening of masterful animation shorts, curated by VES visiting animator Lorelei Pepi, is pulled from both the Harvard Film Archive and private collections. These films explore one of the prime aesthetics of the animated film: the fantastical imagination that exists beyond conscious reality. Each film goes into a different realm of the unreal yet present, the unseen yet sense, the unconscious yet known, all pulled into a realized manifestation through the animated moment.

La Picolla Russia. Directed by Gianliuigi Toccafondo, Italy 2003, 16mm, color, 17 min.
Pas de Deux. Directed by Norman McLaren, Canada 1967, 35mm, 13 min.
The Trap. Directed by Amy Kravitz, US 1988, 16mm, color, 6 min.
Street of Crocodiles. Directed by the Brothers Quay, UK 1986, color, 20 min.
Rhinoceros. Directed by Jan Lenica, Poland 1963, 35mm, color, 11 min.
Tale of Tales. Directed by Yuri Norstein, USSR 1979, 16mm, color, 29 min.

I will try to be a good boy and write some comments for these later.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


i wanna be the donald rumsfeld of the internet

don't you fear, little brendan, i have many devious ideas for the corruption of your sanity. oh yes.

like, for example, making a list of all the shows that're going off for the rest of the semester! the ones in bold are the one's i'm definitely converging upon, with and despite all my attendant manias.

thu. 7. apr.
(middle east) sole / pedestrian / dosh

tue. 12. apr.
(paradise) m83 / ulrich schnauss

sun. 17. apr.
(middle east) animal collective / ariel pink

thu. 21. apr.
(middle east) melt banana

tue. 26. apr.
(middle east) dizzee rascal

sat. 30. apr.
(mfa) the books

mon. 2. may
(tt's) mice parade / boom bip

tue. 3. may.
(middle east) caribou / junior boys / russian futurists
wed. 4. may.
(bowery ballroom, nyc) same lineup, with four tet
wed. 6. may.
(north six, brooklyn) four tet, prefuse 73, battles, and beans

wed. 6. may.
(tt's) out hud / hella / certainly sir

sun. 8. may.
(middle east) mountain goats

mon. 9. may.
(paradise) autechre

thu. 12. may.
(tt's) stereo total / les georges leningrad

mon. 16. may.
(avalon) gang of four

wed. 18. may.
(tt's) monade (laetitia sadier)

also, beware beheading hoaxes, for in many cases they lead you to dark places like (because you can't resist clicking on the link that says "CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO") and you end up spending an hour or two watching people get killed and maimed in various different ways.

see, i told you i gots plans.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


for nicole:

a list of requisite activities in minneapolis:


walker art center: a very very cool modern/contemporary art museum. it's been closed for over a year now, due to rennovation. check it out. it's very exhibit oriented, but they have an amazing permanent collection, which rennovating will add more space for them to show off and brag to all their friends about. collection includes some amazing chuck close pieces, an awesome charles ray, and lots of cool avant garde video installations.


hymie's records - east lake street, near st. paul: quite possibly my favorite record store of all time. it's a vintage record store specializing in everything, especially jazz, but do not fret. fog's significant other is one of the proprietors. you'll be amazed at what you can dig up here in any possible genre, maybe even genres you've never conceived in your mind. oh yeah they don't sell anything but vinyl.

treehouse records - lyndale avenue, i think lyndale and 26th: if hymie's isn't my favorite record store, this one has to be. great vinyl and compact discs too. you could find a copy of the wire here. mostly an indie rock store, but there's so much more to find.

cheapo records - lake and hennepin: not the greatest ratio of awesome to shitty music, but still cool. more vinyl then you will see in almost any one place at one time. just go dig and have fun. pretty cheap too, as they never pay more than $5 for a record. their selection of new vinyl is pretty amazing too, but much more expensive. i found an original copy of lady soul by aretha franklin at this store for $5.

(optional) let it be records - eleventh st. and nicollet: lots of cool music. a little expensive (no more than boston though). the people that work there tend towards being dicks. awesome music though.


hard times cafe - franklin and university (on university of minnesota west bank): an amazing cooperatively owned diner. open from 6 am to 4 am daily. all food is either vegan or vegetarian. it's what coffehouses should be like. a place you would hang out at everyday were something so cool to exist in boston.

coffetto - lyndale and 15th maybe: my friend rose's favorite coffeehouse, so i'll assume it's good.

muddy waters - across the street from caffetto: i've been to this coffeehouse and it's a nice place to kill some time. hard times is better (truly amazing food. damn it i want some now). this one is easier to get to.

the wedge co-op - lyndale: also on lyndale is a really nice co-op if you need groceries. it's a co-op, i don't know what else to say.


savers - east lake street: want to go thrift shopping? it's an urban renewals sized place, but the hipsters haven't taken everything cool yet. the stuff i mine out of this place is incredible.

ragstock - lake and hennepin: the minneapolis equivalent of the garment district or proletariat. a store that re-sells you stuff from thrift stores, but for really cheap. i find some of my favorite button down shirts here. much worth checking out.


the bryant lake bowl - lake st. between hennepin and lyndale: a house of the super fun. drinking, bowling with big balls, great food, and comedic theater productions. it's just fun, super fun. has been moving a little to the bougeouis end of the spectrum from (the culturally bougeouis end of the spectrum) of hipters and indie kids. the bowling lanes are old and shitty, but that's why it's fun.

the red dragon - lyndale and 22 perhaps: an asian food restaurant/hipster/dive bar. around the corner from treehouse records and muddy waters. really fucking cheap mix drinks. that is all you need to know.

the c.c. club - lyndale and 26: like the sihoutte of minneapolis. caddy corner to treehouse records. tends towards being a punk rock bar, but they have $6 pitchers of pbr, and that is good.

the turf club - university ave and snelling in st. paul: if you find the time to make it out to st. paul this place is awesome. huge room upstairs, small room downstairs. small room often hosts really cheap jazz nights (around 3 times a week), this isn't your dad's jazz though, this is the avant garde. i have spent too many hours of my time in the twin cities getting wasted here.

okay that's probably more than you will have time to do in a week since you're going to a wedding, but it's a list of my favorite things in minneapolis/st. paul. be sure to pick up a free print copy of the onion. the weekly magazines: pulse and city pages are really good too, so you should pick them up for the cost of free. a lot of these places are in very close vicinity to one another, located in the area called uptown, which includes anything located on lyndale, e. lake (except savers and hymie's they're a bit out of the way), or hennepin. if i hear that you didn't make it to any of these places i will no longer talk to you. e-mail me and i'll give you a bunch of my friend's numbers so you can meet the finest people this side of the blue states. but fear not minnesota is also blue and minneapolis is a city jammed full of raging liberals, yes! finally if you see a listing for a show that includes dosh, go see it he is a beautiful man that makes beautiful music, and plays it beautifully live. beautiful.

terror. horror. drunk.

last night a vision of pure unadulterated horror visited my mind. i will call this concept "the ethan room". i'm repulsed, and currently contemplating vomiting, but i simply can't wait for this abtraction to be conceived into a living breathing phenomenom. earth and my mind, i pity you both.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


1. spring break = sonic mayhem 2. pomposity 3. i know you know.

1. spring break looks to be a ripe time for sonic mischief. anyone want to acccompany me?
-3/6 edie segwick @ tt's
-3/8 gris gris @ zuzu (free!)
-3/8 menomena @tt's (not free)
-3/9 les georges leningrad @ pa's lounge

2. if you ever want to get a rise go into a dance music store and ask them if they have any breakcore records... so this afternoon i decided i needed to get out of the house after waht seems like weeks of isolation due to sinus infection. i was walking down mass. ave. and i decided to go into the electronic music store just for kicks. a worker there approached me as soon as i walked in and asked me if he could help me with anything, as such i replied, do you have any breakcore stuff? (momentary pause) breakcore!?!? he suddenly yelps out like a cat getting hit by a car. his co worker then informs me they have hardcore electronic stuff, and breaks, which he says are just well "breaks." the condescension shown towards me was an unparalled experience for me in a record store. i should have just asked him if they had the remix of me having sex with his mother, that definitely would have deserved his squeal, and the pompous atmosphere that could literally be cut with a knife.

3. at a far nicer record store i picked up the jubilee soundtrack. it is simply amazing, as i assume all of you know, but i thought i'd remind anyway.

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