Sunday, May 29, 2005


Debbie likes to Sodomize Laura with a baguette while Laura is Wearing Kanta's Bikini

The walker arts center is fucking amazing. Everyone should go. They were showing Derek Jarman's BLUE in its entierty. Viennese actionism... so much performance stuff.. a whole floor dedicated to video/film... one of the best museums I've ever been to.

Also, Minneapolis is cool.

Much cooler than I had anticipated.
brendan, your suggestions were great!! I hit almost all of the record stores, thrift shops, etc. Thanks!

In other news, I haven't killed anyone yet. I went to a weird bar/arcade (in Block E) and got totally wasted on tub of margaritas and 8 dollar drinks. I played ski ball and rode a virtual reality snow mobile. Hot. The wedding is tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes.. well.. I'm the videographer.. so you can watch the video if you want.

later bitches

Saturday, May 21, 2005


let's pretend we don't exist:

the sunlandic twins by of montreal won't stop blowing my mind. i've kindly asked it to be gentle with my fragile mental state... but it only looks at me with big doe eyes, smiles, and continues ravaging my inner equilibrium.

Monday, May 16, 2005



Last week, the North Adams city council voted to dismiss a proposal sumitted by councilor Robert R. Moulton Jr. seeeking to prohibit any display of "nude or partially nude female or male" where it might seen in public. The "nude" debacle stemmed from a nude sketch of a female created by local artist and developer Eric Rudd. which hangs in Gallery Row and Berkshire Gifts. The image in question could be seen though the window by those who passed those on the street. Moulton decided last month to make the proposal on "moral grounds"

City solicitor John B. DeRosa recommeded that any ordinace would be unlawful as it would restrict free speech and would duplicate already existing state and federal obsenity laws. DeRosa defined obsenity as anything that " . . .depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way and lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value"

Some Stuff To Do?

Shadow Play: Scott Snibbe Solo Exhibition
Art Interactive, Cambridge / April 23 - July 3, 2005

Published: April 10, 2005

Curated by Molly Polk

Opening Reception: Friday, April 22, 2005

Shadow Play will feature four interactive wall projections selected from Snibbe's Screen Series and from a new series of work that he is currently developing based on masterpieces of experimental film.

When we engage with works of art, with other people, and with spaces private and public, the responses of our bodies can be revealing. Our stance, the position of our arms or tilt of our heads, our movement near and around an object or person, all vary depending on how comfortable or interested we are in a given setting. But how aware are we of our bodies ­ the corporeal relationship we bear to our environment and the marks of our presence that we leave behind? Scott Snibbe¹s installations probe this question by making our body¹s physical exchange with the systems he has created essential to the works¹ realization. When we interact with his artwork, though, we are more than just active participants in a technological field. We are co-creators with Snibbe of a language composed of gesture, breath, touch, shadow, light, space, and silhouette ­ a language, Snibbe¹s works make manifest, of the human body.

Thursday, May19, 2005 / 6:30-9 pm: "Read-In"

The Traveling Magazine Table (an event dedicated to reading quietly en masse)
Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), MIT, Cambridge

CAVS presents an event dedicated to reading quietly en masse.

Since November 17 CAVS has proudly hosted the Traveling Magazine Table, a collection of independent publications by artists, artists' collectives, alternative art spaces, and other collaboratives organized by international artists' network Nomads & Residents. This continuously growing collection is presented in different venues twice a year. With each participating venue, the Traveling Magazine Table will be updated with new materials. To guarantee its continuity and growth, Nomads & Residents, its network, and the participating host venues announce and distribute an open call for submissions to receive new publications.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


forced exposure can you hear me, can you hear me forced exposure...

my super hot top ten list. so hot, heads at forced exposure will expolode. not only that, you will want to castrate yourself because you'll never be able to meaningfully conceptualize hot again.

-rolling stones: let it bleed
-black sabbath: paranoid
-david bowie: low
-brian eno: another green world
-the who: the who sing my generation
-the sonics: any and all, thanks
-the yardbirds: for your love
-led zeppelin: one

oh man that's only eight... but it's at least fifteen albums worth of awesome!

don't even ask the following questions, all the answers are yes:
-do cutoffs rule
-are you wearing cutoffs right now
-do you like van halen
-is it the seventies
-sweet records, can we hang out
-philosophy all-nighter

these questions are all answered with a no:
-wire (not the band)
-forced exposure
-are you joking
-what about hendrix
-do you think you're funny
-jerry garcia

Monday, May 09, 2005


the best dreams are the wet dreams

so, i was listening to the new daedelus album, exquisite corpse (crazy amount of reviews here) and was really struck by "welcome home," featuring mike ladd, but couldn't figure out why. then i realized it's like an american version of fennesz's "transit," with david sylvian, off of venice. both very specifically deal with their respective continents lyrically (ladd: "I watch South Park, clutch the sofa, quake and tremble, welcome home" /// sylvian: "all those names of ancestry, too gentle for the stones they bear / somewhere, someone wants to see you / someone's travelling towards us all"). and much more importantly, are just great songs.

check them out and decide if i'm crazy or not (get them now, they're on yousendit and will only be up for a week!)

daedelus -- welcome home (with mike ladd)

fennesz -- transit (with david sylvian)

Sunday, May 08, 2005


plato v. peel

here are some interesting links (which ethan kindly suggested i should share) featuring john peel radio shows in mp3 form:

- the john peel tapes is a wonderful site dedicated to poting/unearthing old john peel radio shows. the mp3's constantly rotate so it's worth checking often. about a week ago i downloaded an amazing 45 minute long mp3 where he exclusively played independent records (circa the show's date of 1980). it showcased some really cool post-punk i never new existed. the mp3 is gone now, but drop a comment if you're dying to hear it and i'll post it up.

- this site has a show documented where peel plays some early slits records. the slits are rad, john peel is groovy, check it out.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


support our troops.

everyone go out and buy a copy of sonic heart right now! sonic heart is a wonderful new magazine covering electronic music in the new england (but mostly boston) community, published by my friend alissa. it's imperative that all friends pursuing worthwhile endeavors are supported to the fullest. as such buy it at: beat research (mondays at the enormous room), newbury comics, twisted village, nuggets, in your ear, or cd spins for only 2 dollars... no shit. matt brown has a nice little interview with dan snaith/caribou/manitoba in it. and word on the street is next month might feature some of my photography on the cover.

seriously buy it or souls will be eaten.

the coronation of the indignant sphincter

kid kameleon's blog is well worth checking out, as is the mix he just did for mashit (some of whom were playing at the massart show nicole brendan and i went to).

"...and I hope I'm not being too tell all, I learned that at least one of the Matmos's holds down a full time job that is not dissimilar to my job. I've sort of been pondering this all week... I just assumed that Bjork wrote them a check every month and that was that, but no ... man, what kind of country do I live and make music in where Matmos have full time jobs to pay the bills ... C'mon, it's fucking Matmos! ... sigh)

he also came across this: Chocolypse Now, which is really a lot funnier than i thought it would be, i.e. "This is how the world ends / this is how the world ends / not with a truffle / but with a ding-dong." the guys who wrote it have another one called the dada detective, which tickles my fancy as well.


katie taking photos of that U2 cover band* got me thinking: would anyone care to join me in my nirvana cover band, "mosquito libido"? i guarantee entertainment, and no musical experience is necessary--instead of "playing" "instruments" (how antique!) we will instead conduct listening sessions followed by moderated deconstructive critical/artistic discussion. this shall take place entirely on the internet, mind you. see? look how easy! no corporeal presence required!


hot top 10 that will hopefully get me a job:

caribou -- the milk of human kindness
akron/family -- self-titled
13 & god -- self-titled
gang gang dance -- god's money
m.i.a. -- arular
the books -- lost and safe
autechre -- untilted
konono no. 1 -- congotronics
william basinski - melancholia
double leopards and wolf eyes -- breeding turbines vol. 1
scritti politti - early
six organs of admittance -- school of the flower
alva noto - transrapid
jaga jazzist -- what we must
charalambides -- our bed is green
daedelus -- exquisite corpse
les georges leningrad -- deux hot dogs moutade chou
edan -- beauty and the beat
the soft pink truth -- do you want new wave or do you want the soft pink truth?

how the hell am i supposed to narrow that down to ten? i can pick a few out, i guess. m.i.a., jaga jazzist, caribou. maybe edan and the double leopards/wolf eyes, but the rest of it... shit. i've always hated top 10 lists.


zach, i need to hear that new vashti bunyan/animal collective ep. i really can't wait until you get here, it's just not possible. g-g-g-g-gmail* that shit to me? ethanawhite @. i'll love you forever.


I'm gonna go watch andrei rublev. the weather is so miserable that only a three-plus russian epic about god is going to cheer me up.


*i would link to the article but fuck the boston globe for not letting you look at stuff from a week ago without registering.
**i promise to never ever make a g-unit joke again, i just couldn't help it. so totally inappropriate i had to do it. i almost bought a pair of g-unit sneakers at the mall a couple weeks ago. then i decided it would be about as funny as that joke (i.e. not really, and certainly not for more than a day or two). then i thought they were just sneakers and i should just get them if i liked them. i paced around for a minute in extreme pop cultural panic and then decided i can't in my right mind give money to people who wear referee shirts. it was liberating. all this took place after getting a haircut and buying a rubbery thing for my ipod, so don't worry, i'm still a tool.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


America... We Are So Strong... Good and Beautiful

Well, most of you have already heard that I totally blew my Campaign Corps interview. Seriously, they asked me "If you were in a fire and you had save one thing (not a pet or a person) what would it be?" What the hell does that have to do with anything? right. exactly.

So in honor of the fact that I will never ever make it in politics I bring you:

This HOT guy.. and his music video...
AMERICA: We Stand As One

In other news...

Jesus has a live Journal

And just to add to the fun...
A Christian with Touretts Syndrome

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


i like gof fuck you

so, i asked my dad if he'd like to play some golf after we do the family thing on mother's day. shut up, all of you--if you can watch red sox games and the simple life, cultivate jane fonda obsessions and wear cut-off jeans with van halen t-shirts then i can spend an afternoon with the man who might potentially continue giving me money even though i'm graduating. anyway, i emailed him about it and the most ridiculous exchange occured.

his reply:

Okay, if this is some phishing email, I get it!!

I'd be thrilled to play as a matter of fact, I was planning on playing that day anyway, and nothing would be better than to play with my favorite son! I'll make the arrangements.

Talk to you soon.

Bill White

(yes, he really does sign all his emails 'Bill White')

i wrote:

excellent. looking forward to embarrassing you out on the links...

ps. phishing? are you calling me a hippy?

and his response:

Phishing: phony emails sent to acquire account info from unsuspecting old
men like me. When I saw golf, I immediately became suspect - only kidding.
This is the best Mothers Day gift I could have asked for.

Bill White

i had no idea this was some sort of internet vernacular that old folks know about but young little hip dudes like me haven't heard. am i the only one?

(PPPPS. le tigre are apparently writing a song for paris hilton? they can both rot in evil pink hell. geez.)

Monday, May 02, 2005


dot dot dot delete dot dot dot

i just obsessively wrote down everything vito acconci says in the red tapes pt. 2. unfortunately, krasker's copy of surveying the first decade is a piece of shit (though not as bad as the one i watched at the video data bank). what's the deal, zach? i hold you personally responsible.

check out the video for the single off four tet's new album. reminds me of what 'no surprises' would've been like if thom yorke would lighten the fuck up a bit.

back to work. fucking hell.

Celebrity Skin

Buy Norman Mailer's urnie for $15.00, Dave Navaro's bacteria for $5.75, or Michael Stipe's skin cells for $12.75. Luke Perry's fecal matter is out of stock.

Celebrity Skin

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