Saturday, April 30, 2005


machines for living

during my travels i read, from bauhaus to our house, by tom wolfe. perhaps he is a bit too rough on his criticisms of modern architecture, but regardless it is damn funny. allow me to share an enjoyable bit, "all at once they are willing to accept that glass of ice water in the face, that bracing slap across the mouth, that reprimanded for the fat of one's bourgeois soul, known as modern architecture."

so i am now back once again to berlin, i will leave tomorrow for boston, i am sad. i have had so much fun, but on the upside i get to see all of you guys so soon (yes this is a positive thing.) thanks again for writing my checks for me and taking care of my car, i greatly appreciate it. it is now time to remove the bar and jacuzzi from my room, i'm sorry to spoil all of the fun. so i just got back from munchen this morning. at first, i was a bit luke warm on munich, but by the end i could not get enough. i took a day trip yesterday to two of king ludwig II's 19th century castles, bascially on the border of austria in the alps, these being neuschwanstein and linderhof. they were both quite remarkable, i was thoughly impressed. our crazy tour guide from seattle, via nashville (he's a song writer too) told the whole bus to go to fruhling fest, the spring version of oktober fest. so, i made friends with this couple my parents age from san diego, carol and steve, they were so cool. they offered to accompany me to the beer hall, so i would not have to endure thousands of crazy, drunk, bavarian men on my own. so, this fruhling fest was like a giant drunken carnival, with beer tents galore. we found the biggest one we could and headed for a picnic table, not only did they only serve beer that was seriously 4 pints in 1 (one could barely lift the glass with one arm), but they also had giant pretzels, roasted chickens, freshly skewed mackerel, and "traditonal" german bands in the full lederhosen attire (except they played american songs with german lyrics ie. get it on (bang a gong) and oh-blah-di oh-blah-da). people were out of control singing and dancing on tables, not to mention the asian tourists getting into the whole thing, so fucking hysterical. so these bucksome beermaids could carry about 10-12 of these monster beers at a time, what a feat! so, needless to say after one augustiner i was severly imparied while stumbling to the train station, i had no problem sleeping though. it was quite a cite to behold.

so, i shall backtrack a bit now...
i had a marvelous time in krakow (last fri, sat, sun), i wish that i had more time in poland, it was great. i met a girl who goes to bc at my hostel, small world, so we went out to a piano-jazz bar called harris' in old town square. there was a polish jazz band playing, in a dank cavernous basement, highly enjoyable. krakow is so cool, everything is in a dank cavernous basement. anyhow, i had a great dark beer, okocim. eastern european dark beers are so tasty and surprisingly light.

the next day i made a pilgrimage to auschwitz and birkenau, definitely worth the journey. highly fucked up and depressing as expected, auschwitz's cites were converted mostly to museums exhibitions such as cases of shoes, suitcases, kitchenware, hair, that had been left behind by the victims, i thought rather effective. birkenau on the otherhand was left basically as an example of what the barracks and the surrouding area would have looked like at the time, except for the people who have built houses around the gates of the camp, can you imagine your front yard facing a concentration camp? fucked up! birkenau was just a massive expanse of nothingness, with 4 crematoria in ruins, due to the nazi's destruction of them before they fled the camp. there was only one row of mens barracks left in birkenau due to their instability upon the creation of the museum, but i believe that most if not all the women's barracks were left in tact. i looked much more like a farm for horses than a concentration camp, also fucked up!

hmm...i think the train couchette was infested...mysterious bites, again!
and then there was vienna...

Friday, April 29, 2005


Screech on Screech

On April 17, a fuzzy eagle named Screech was " hatched " at RFK Stadium as the Nationals' new mascot. Now, a different "Screech" shared his thoughts on the newly unveiled mascot's given name that he knows too well.

Though Carleen Martin, director of marketing and promotions at the Washington Nationals, did not explain the origin of the team mascot's name, she said, "He was not named after 'Screech' the character from 'Saved by the Bell.'"

Still, Dustin Diamond , otherwise known as "Screech" from "Saved by the Bell," was online to chat about the 6-foot-2 eagle and to answer your questions about his life since the show.

Alexandria, VA: Do you keep in touch with any of the other cast members from Saved By the Bell?

Dustin Diamond: I don't visit the unemployment office that much.

Read the Interview Here

Thursday, April 28, 2005


we just named the mouse 'mitt romney'

i totally saw some dude pulling a marty-mcfly-in-back-to-the-future-2 today; hitching a ride by grabbing onto the back of a moving vehicle! except he was on a bike instead of a hoverboard. oh well. he had massive space-age headphones at least.

i probably won't be posting again for awhile; 3 papers due in the space of two days! in honor of brendan i will give them suitably elaborate titles. "aspectual identification and narrative coercion" anyone?

in the meantime, check out this syllabus for a class on exploitation cinema! fucking awesome! (via jahsonic, how predictable [on my part, not his])

ps. someone bought shares in the blog.

gruss gott!

i am lost somewhere in bavaria...but at least i have found my way to the internet.

since, i have last posted i left poland, went to vienna for a few days, left vienna and went to salzberg for a day, and now i am in where do i begin...perhaps i will work backwards...forwards...too much beer makes me indecisive. well, i have not been in munich too long, but my first impression is that the people here are nicer than in berlin and austria for that matter, everyone here loves beer, and i think food too. my tour books said that in the english gardens here people like to lay naked, so i rushed there from the train so i could get a glimpse with my vouyeuristic ways, but nothing. perhaps it was too late in the day or too cold, but instead i got to observe dogs chasing ducks and a swan sitting on a gigantic nest; i'd say it was a fair swap!

so salzberg, in my opinion, was fantastic! thanks for the great suggestion zach. i took the sound of music tour (i know i know, but bus tours are so fun, and anyhow they took us to the lakes region, which is so amazingly beautiful--snowcapped mountains and glacial lakes!) but, while i was at a rather annoying (i will get every cent from you) hostel (with really dumb people, "ah, what is auschwitz?") i found a flyer for "the basics festival" at a place called ARGEKULTUR. mouse on mars was supposed to be playing in salzburg while i was there, but of course they canceled to play a gig in japan! anyhow, this music festival which is all electronic, pop, avant-garde, you get the gist was held at this space where they have a dance studio, a really amazing restaurant/bar, and a concert venue, plus it is in a residential neigborhood, so cool. here is the site, but it's all in german, so it might not be too much of a help, basics festival. the opener was still the same, buka. they were pretty want to be underworld. they had this kinda cheesy video work of algebraic formulas, images that looked like the artist seal, and something else kinda lame on a loop. but the now headliner was rechenzentrum. i thought they were really interesting, very heavy electronica/noise. some of their music had vocal tracks, that were quite good as well. they had better video work than buka, it was more abstract and mesmorizing in my all too sleepy state. i got to the venue a bit early, so i purchased a drink. while i was waiting the guy at the bar turned around and said, "ich bin rob," instantly i could tell he was not austrian or even german for that matter, too friendly. and also his american/german accent gave it away. we bonded over the fact that we both came to see mouse on mars, and i think our americanness too. he is from west palm beach (yes, nicole there are hot people who come from florida, and he's even a jew too! too bad he's in europe, i'd like to set him up with you). so he went to emory for undergrad and now is doing a masters in cultural management at an international school in salzburg, hot! we went to the amazing restaurant/bar after the show and spoke about music and how fucked up america is and then he drove me back to the hostel in his white kidnapper van that he gets to use when he doesn't have to hall art around to the gallery which he works in in the middle of salzburg. i actually checked it out today, but they are between exhibitions, david la chapelle just ended, perhaps this might explain the karl lagerfeld photograph. anyway, i dropped by so he could steal some of my ipod music, but pcs always have to go ruin the fun.

so, i would love to tell you about my wien stint, oh how viennese actionism and apfelstrussel go so well together...but i am just so tired and this is the second time that i have had to write this post because easy everything sucks...i can't even look at zach's porno post or whatever it is with vaginas...anyhow, i feel like whitney or mariah right now in the middle of an exhausting world tour...oh god! the guy next to me won't stop singing, loud arabic! blah!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005



a work in progress
Not So Interesting

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


i love machines.

i would totally pay to watch this hot steamy action.

ethan, this one is more your style.

Monday, April 25, 2005


ethan you will laugh.

i know that i won't be the only one who chuckles when i think about the paper i've nearly finished. title: composite reality -- an analogous interpretation of john updike's "a sense of shelter" and gerhard richter. yeah who knew they were related, probably no one until i sat down at steve's to eat breakfast at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. yes i've had 3 weeks to write this paper. yes it's due in 8.5 hours. no i didn't start it or even have a topic until 3:45 this afternoon...

no i will not be the only one who laughs, because i know ethan will.

p.s. it's for a philosophy class.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


that word 'broadminded' is spelled 'S-I-N'

i finished the mix i've been working on. download here. now you all must endure the horrible fury of my penchant for novelty songs and bizarre vocals! it will only be up for a week, so get it now. drop a comment if you missed it.

i had a great post all typed up--twice, TWICE i had it finished and ready to post. but no. no. first i was thwarted by blogger, and then by safari. so unfortunately all i can offer is a tracklist, because further attempts to provide happy explanations and informative links will inevitably result in failure and a subsequent murderous rampage. sorry.

all covered in wire and bits of old tire
1. the soft pink truth - "lookin' back (carol channing)"
2. peter l. batsin - "how to make a tape recorder"
3. levy lorenzo - "hamster midi" (webpage)
4. DAT politics - "yha hoo tuning"
5. TRS-80 - "phantom power"
6. steve beresford - "vaio-id14"
7. karera musication - "ten" from ichi the killer (original soundtrack)
8. dave douglas - "the mystic lamb"
9. pancho sings - "i left my heart in san francisco"
10. rosa yemen - "herpes simplex"
11. public image, ltd. - "no birds"
12. boye - "mikrosvet" (via orbis quintus)
13. les georges leningrad - "lollipop lady"
14. dr. octagon - "intro"
15. dosh - "building a strange child"
16. meadow house - "tit for tat" (more info here and here)
17, laurie anderson - "o superman" (top 20 hit in the UK!)

eastern european hospitality.

i have made it safely to krakow after being hassled by mormon nuns from utah speaking german outside my apartment in berlin, they would not let me go! they asked me how i would feel about there being a prophet for "our time". i was like umm...i dunno...i was pissed cause i couldn't think of anything more witty to say. they insisted on delivering a "book of mormon" to me. i'm a goddamn jew! of course i don't want your book of mormon. so i gave them my old address and a fake name in boston...if only i could see what results...hehe.

it was a rather bumpy and nauseating easyjet flight to krakow. the airport was the smallest international airport that i have ever seen. the planes had to land on the runway and then just park and let people off, then a tram had to take us to the terminal. i realised that the airport was in actuality a chicken farm, this realisation came to me when i took the overcrowed "soviet" bus to the zentrum.

so far i am overwhelmingly enjoying my trip to poland. i think the people are some of the friendliest people i have ever encountered on my travels. several times people have come up to me, start speaking polish and point...hmm? i tell them i don't know polish, but they keep speaking and then laugh and mosey on their way. perhaps, it is my good-looking polish resemblance that throws them, hehe. the old polish people are so cute...i want to take home a polish grandma and grandpa . we have room in the house, right?

krakow reminds me a bit of prague, but minature. it has a similar make up, with a large castle on a hill (with a dragon den, how cool is that?) and an old town square-with cobblestone walkways and winding alleys. krakow has far fewer tourists though and i don't feel like at every second someone wants to a) accost me about buying something because i am a tourist or b) rip me off because i am a tourist. oh, and krakow is the cheapest place i have ever visited!

i found a room in nathan's villa hostel in between the two main areas of town-the old town square/shopping area and kazimierz (the jewish quarter-where there are many very interesting looking smoky bars, lounges, galleries and restaurants). the hostel is a bit of those "party" hostels where you can't sleep because people are always coming in and out. at like 7am this dude in my room brought a chick back, and i thought they were going to fuck, but luckily they decided to leave, phew!

and then there was...prague

day 1. frank, ron jeremy, and i went to prague last weekend. i quite enjoyed the train ride, once we made it into the czech republic it was very scenic. when we got to prague we decided that maybe we'd go to kutna hora for part of the day because it looked quite interesting, but the trains didn't quite fit into our schedule. so, instead we ate halal indian/pakistani food (rj thought there would be muslim chicks there) and we headed to the castle. we decided to walk uphill with our backpacks, and for some reasons there were swarms of italian tourists who would just stand there and it was also incredibly hot and sweaty. blah. on top of this rj was complaining about his feet the whole time because he only brought harley davidson motorcycle boots, not exactly european walking shoes. so, after the castle we had to go on a sneaker hunt around old town square. it was now 7pm...the tourists were out in full force and the shops were closing. i was quite surprised by all the western stores and the lack of small, independent stores. but bata came to the rescue, it was literally a sauna in there so, i waited outside on a bench. meanwhile, a man in his late teens almost knocked me over to dig in the dirt behind me to get discarded pieces of candy out of it to eat. he could have asked for $, i would have given him some for food. anyhow, we walked around some more seeing the sights. we started our hotel search soon after, but frank and rj were opposed to a hostel, so literally every single place we checked except a five star hotel, "the riverside," across the river, was booked up. so we made sir toby call us a cab, and we headed to the "riverside". i thought the "i just left an iron maiden concert cab driver" was going to kill us on the way.

day 2. i found a kawa, kawa, kawa on the other side of the river, which was a pretty chill internet cafe and they had tasty coffee. then, we headed to the jewish area, josefov. i quite enjoyed the hebrew clock. we ate a "orange moon," i think i am spoiled by boston's amazing asian food. i wanted to go to the national gallery, but we did not have time. so, instead we went to dahab. rj and i smoked a jasmine hookah and i had a very tasty mojito. and that was the end of my rather brief stint to prague. perhaps, i did not spend enough time there. i think that prague a quite nice looking city, but i just cannot get over the excessive hype that everything you read about prague tells you. i think it really puts such a high expectation on one's trip there. ethan, was it very touristy when you were there?

oh berlin how i miss thee...

here are 2 descriptions of bars in prenzlauer berg. the first i have been to, it's really "hip" and they have tasy mojitos. the second description just made me laugh.

wohnzimmer (literally living room)
Chisel-jawed philosophers sitting on flood-damaged furniture acquired from the back door of an auction house. Even so, a rather pleasant little mood is created in this cafe/bar. Put together a couple of kitchen fitments, buy a coffee machine and Bob's your uncle. Sadly, you'll have to drink your beer from the bottle while you breathe in the air of tormented discontentment from Tarquin and his PhD buddies at the table over from you. As with most of Prenzlauer Berg, take a look sooner rather than later while the beer is still under 5 DM.

(The former) Café Schliemann
In this case "alternative" is not a word that can be stressed heavily enough: Lost souls; failed philosophers; men with dogs; dogs with men; men with beards and mullets; dogs with guitars and army jackets; women with mullets, dogs, guitars, army jackets and beards. Don´t wear a tie. These are the dying embers of a once renowned squatting phenomenon whose last few participants refuse to accept that a world of sushi and cocktails has replaced their once treasured freedom. At least this bar keeps them all in the one place.

oh how i love berlin!

thanks for writing checks for me while i am gone, i really appreciate it...i shall be home Sunday, May 1st in the late afternoon/early evening...just in time for vito acconci and steretotal!

Friday, April 22, 2005


see you at acconci...

my class has ended and today it is time for me to leave berlin :( i have had to force myself to leave, but i know that it will be worthwhile. i have so much to say about my last week in berlin and my weekend in prague, but this with have to wait. this week has just been so hectic...ahh!! i am stressing. so i am off to krakow in less than 4 hours...very exciting...from there i really have no plan. austria, germany, denmark, perhaps more czech republic, wherever the train takes me. i shall update you with the latest when i reach the next port of call.

now curl the pubic bone up, just like a scorpion

so i know i'm been somewhat ellusive these past couple weeks, but i'm really stressed about schools. i have to make a decision in a week--and i still haven't heard from chicago!!!

something bizarre happened today: when i got to the video data bank, dewayne was like, "I think we have a mutual friend connection, kind of." apparently, dewayne's partner kim has a sister named claire who lives in north carolina--and she knows brendan! it's a small fucking world.

i'm tearing through the jane fonda bio like a madman. i really have so much respect for her. she has put tons of misconstrued information about her into perspective. her life is amazingly full and rich. i find myself completely entranced on each page. if you can find the time to read it (it's worth it for the vietnam stuff), go for it! you won't be disappointed.

i've been working on remastering old art interviews lately. today i watched two great interviews with hal foster and meredith monk, both extremely well spoken. i also watched a rather long interview with karen finley. i wasn't familiar with her before. i guess she's a well-known performance artist. she was very mid-western but her discussions of her work made me really want to check her stuff out.

ethan: you've got to see stuff by "the halflifers" and anthony disenzia(?). his single channel video work is right-on.

i missed the angels of light show because there was a lampo performance. it was alright--not one of the best. it was this british guy called disinformation, who works with live radio and electrical storm disturbances. he tried to explain his work but faced away from the audience while talking...those brits.

michelle is here this weekend. we've already had deep dish and margie's (ethan, you know what this means)..i don't want to eat again for days.

does anyone know when the fucking basil kirchin record is coming out????

also, who wants to come check out la monte young's dream house with me when i get to new york??? it's going to be running until the 18th of june.

i really hope you all heard about the virgin mary stain that was on a wall under an overpass here in chicago. it was on the front page of yesterday. (it looks like a vagina if you ask me.)

you guys should check out goldsmith college in london. they've got a hot ma in digial media and technoculture, among other things.

last random bit: watch "klute": jane fonda's oscar award winning performance as a call girl in 70s new york--HOTT!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


License to Drive

Whatever Happened to Corey Haim?

Youth + Success = Trouble

not for those afflicted with epilepsy

i can't believe i missed this.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


And The World Shifts On Its Axis...

TRAGIC NEWS FROM E! Entertainment Online!

SIMPLE SPLIT: Paris Hilton releasing a statement confirming that she and Nicole Richie are no longer friends...

"I will not go into the details of what happened. All I will say is that Nicole knows what she did and that's all I am ever going to say about it." - Paris
read more here

It knows where i've lived!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


City Based Inbreeding

So while listening to Onkyoto on Resonance I was intrigued by a song ( no, Ethan, not the Japanese Alanis Morissette.. though that was great too). I wrote down the record label and visited their website.

News for April 2005


This month we have two new releases: 24/4/05 A Girl From Tokyo - Manami N...EP Manami M’s first EP for Post Office Records brings together Japanese instrumental electronica with haunting vocals and beats. Along with original work the release also contains a strange and beautiful version of The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, as originally performed by Marianne Faithfull on her 1979 LP Broken English. 29/4/05 Skin Picking - Chilopod...Album Chilopod is Chris France and this is his first release for Post Office. It blends together dark sound sculptures with field recordings and electronic beats to create a nightmarish, David Lynchian, trip through the welsh valleys.

Post Office Records

Check out the Films...
Chapel Couture



Brief Electrical Encounter

The worst Teashop in Goring

More on the Post Office Records site...Check It Out

For a limited time only!



adult kindergarden

+++ the little mini-interview pitchfork did with devendra banhart about his forthcoming album is hilarious. he's a lot easier to appreciate if you enjoy gibberish. don't know what that says about his music, but whatever...

and this feature on finnish free folk is making me go insane in about four different directions at once (not the least of them being that marvelous alliteration).

+++ famous redheads! amazing stuff in there, especially the historical redheads--napoleon bonaparte, lizzie borden, cleopatra, columbus, general custer, judas, nero, stalin's daughter (no implications are implied in regards to redheads i know, many of them are quite wonderful people when not trying to maim me in some fashion).

+++ jahsonic has been killing it lately... roger corman, folk is not a four letter word, henri-georges clouzot's la prisonniere, and sophia loren (click on that picture, there's more). and this fascinating tidbit:

Female ejaculation and the British film censors
In the United Kingdom, the British Board of Film Classification denies the existence of the phenomenon of female ejaculation, regarding it instead as urination during sex, thus banning its depiction under its rules that ban the depiction of urolagnia. --wikipedia link [Apr 2005]

that site is a vortex i get hopelessly sucked into nearly every day... via clicking on the word misappropriation in an entry about garage music i went from an entry about (correct) appropriation in which the example used titian's venus of urbino to thinking about the mark rappaport films (in which he appropriates that painting amongst others--like peter greenaway but in his own way) to searching jahsonic for mark rappaport which led me to a huge-ass essay by dr. harry m. benshoff which i shall probably read in some distant future but nonetheless looks interesting.

+++ jess! tell us about prague!

Monday, April 18, 2005


Ana Mendieta and Shut The Fuck Up

Originally uploaded by Zoecole.

You all MUST read this blog entry on Ana Mendieta.


Also, I fucking LOVE this photo. hahahahah

I dedicate the above to the asshole that was yelling shit at us at the bus stop in Harvard Square last night.

I am now off to cough up my left lung.
Have a great day.


Holy Chicken Breast, Batman!

As I was about to dig into my usual lunch of my dorms "baked chicken," I quickly stopped in my tracks as my eyes met this wonderful relic. I have the utmost respect for Pope John Paul II and I could not believe the resemblance I saw between my piece of chicken breast and him. I am deeply touched that I was chosen to receive this possible visit from the Holy Father. I would now like to share this beautiful likeness of Pope John Paul II with you. And unlike all the unoriginal grilled cheese and Pope hat chips, this is the Only celebrity chicken breast on eBay at the time of listing.

Ebay listing

Pope chicken

Saturday, April 16, 2005


s/he is her/e

genesis p-orridge's website is very kickass--an infrequently updated but still excellent blog, tons of writing, and a very cool shop (i totally love this t-shirt). i recommend checking out the "to be ex dream" bio.

in other news: been seeing a ton of great films lately. ichi the killer is fantastic; zach, check it out! intensely gory and way over-the-top, and the boredoms did the soundtrack! caught a selection of ed emshwiller stuff at balangan on thursday: lifelines (1960), film with three dancers (1970), thanatopsis (1962), totem (1963), and relativity (1966), which is justifiably a classic. i remember reading that jaroslav kucera, vera chytilova's husband and the cinematographer for daisies, visited the states and said he enjoyed emshwiller's stuff a lot; there's definitely a connection there. i also caught heaven's gate at the brattle, and a bu cinematheque screening of a documentary about the film, which is perhaps the archetypical example of a giant hollywood film gone out of control (read about it here). i don't think it's quite as bad as the press made it out to be--bullshit like titanic or the godfather is just as bad, if not worse, in my opinion, and the film is actually a rather strong indictment of the government/landowner exploitation of immigrants in the american west, so that's cool. it's still fairly bloated though, and lacking in real artistic value, as you might expect (by the way, my vote for worst place to see a movie in boston goes to the brattle--the projectionist fucked up every single reel change, leaving us sitting in the dark for about five minutes during the final battle sequence, the sound was garbagecantastic, and the fucking screen has big seams down the middle of it--totally lame, especially for a big lush epic like heaven's gate).

i've also been watching jess's documentaries: hell house (fundamentalists are so fucking creepy!), nico: icon, and superstar: the life and times of andy warhol, which is actually a crap documentary but the mere fact that it's about warhol saves it. i don't really think the man's life could ever be uninteresting....

tonight nicole and i are going to see some resnais films at harvard. one is a short he did with chris marker. fucking awesome. tomorrow night: animal collective! and no school on monday because some crazy people are gonna run in the streets!

on tuesday night i caught angels of light and akron/family at great scott (not an altogether terrible place to see a show, for what it's worth; small, and bad views of the stage, but if it's not crowded it'll do). they were fantastic, michael gira is awesome, and i was really impressed with akron/family. i bought a t-shirt, it has geese on it. hooray. visit young god records. read michael gira's latest newsletter (box on the right). recall the piece he did for the wire's "epiphanies" section in the mf doom issue. zach, they're playing in chicago tonight! go!

finally, i should say that i didn't get into teach for america. oh well.

Friday, April 15, 2005



April 13, 2005


More benefits and donations needed

An April 17 benefit auction at Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC has
attracted donations from some of the biggest names in the
contemporary art world, including Hans Haacke, Richard Serra, Cindy
Sherman, Martha Rosler, Sol LeWitt, Rub?n Ortiz Torres, Kiki Smith,
Lorna Simpson, Chris Burden, and many others. (See details at bottom
or at here.)

Organizers of this Sunday's auction expect to raise at least a
six-figure sum to help artist Steven Kurtz and scientist Robert
Ferrell defend themselves against politically-motivated federal
charges of mail and wire fraud--and, it now seems likely,
bioterrorism charges as well.

If convicted of the wire and mail fraud charges, Kurtz, a founding
member of the Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) and Professor of Art at the
University of Buffalo, and Ferrell, a Professor of Human Genetics at
the University of Pittsburgh, could face up to 20 years in prison.

But worse is possible. On March 17, Steven Barnes, also a founding
member of the Critical Art Ensemble, was served a subpoena to appear
before a Federal Grand Jury in Buffalo on April 19. According to the
subpoena, the FBI is once again seeking charges under Section 175 of
the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, as expanded by
the USA PATRIOT Act--charges which a previous Grand Jury appeared to
reject when they handed down indictments of mail and wire fraud last
summer. (See here for full details.)

The addition of bioterrorism charges will add to the heavy financial
and emotional burden of the defendants. But the rising cost to
taxpayers is significant too. Although the New York State Department
of Health quickly deemed that the materials used by Kurtz in his art
posed no threat to public health or safety, and the FBI's own field
and laboratory tests showed that they were not used for any illegal
purpose, the U.S. District Attorney continues to waste vast sums of
public money prosecuting this outlandish, politically motivated case.

Since June 2004, public events in support of the CAE Defense Fund in
the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Latin America and Australia, as well
as thousands of individual contributions, have met the rising
defense costs. But as the case moves to trial, Kurtz and Ferrell's
expenses will increase dramatically, and more fundraisers and
donations will be needed. The April 17 auction organizers hope the
auction will serve as a spur for people worldwide to organize new
benefit events and contribute to the fund. Please visit
caedefensefund for more information about how you can help
publicize this auction, organize your own event, donate funds, or
otherwise help support Kurtz and Ferrell in this exceedingly
important case that could widely impact freedom of expression and
more in the US.


When: Sunday, April 17, 2005 (viewing and silent auction 2-8pm, live
auction 5-7pm)

Where: Paula Cooper Gallery, 521 West 21st Street, NYC 10011, tel:
212-255-1105 / day of auction: 212-255-5247

Master of Ceremonies: Wallace Shawn

Artists who have donated work: Acconci Studio, Dennis Adams, Carl
Andre, The Atlas Group, Nayland Blake, Mel Bochner, Cecily Brown,
Chris Burden, Paul Chan, Jeremy Deller, Mark Dion, Sam Durant, Tony
Feher, Andrea Fraser, Joseph Grigely, Hans Haacke, Ann Hamilton,
Rachel Harrison, Emily Jacir, Mike Kelley, Barbara Kruger, William
Pope L., Louise Lawler, Zoe Leonard, Sol LeWitt, Glenn Ligon, Sharon
Lockhart, Brice Marden, Allan McCollum, Julie Mehretu, Arnold
Mesches, Donald Moffett, Dave Muller, Vik Muniz, Takashi Murakami,
Yoshitomo Nara, Cathy Opie, Rub?n Ortiz Torres, Laura Owens, David
Reed, Alexis Rockman, Martha Rosler, Christy Rupp, Carolee
Schneemann, Richard Serra, Cindy Sherman, Amy Sillman, Lorna Simpson,
Kiki Smith, Janaina Tschape, and many more.

To view some of the donated art works, please visit:
Paula Cooper Gallery

This benefit is sponsored by the National Association of Artists'
Organizations (NAAO) and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
(Buffalo), and is supported by galleries across the US.

For more information please contact Lori at Paula Cooper Gallery, or
visit caedefensefund. Press inquiries may be directed to

Incremental Disruption

making painting a bit more interesting...

Verge of Certainty Acrylic on Board, 2004

taken from The Big Red Shiny
William Betts offers flawlessly crafted stripe paintings with an innovative twist; each painting is based on a sample of digital information taken from a personal photograph. The sample is extruded and the resulting image applied to the panel using a painting machine that Betts designed and built, thereby in the artist’s words, “introducing elements of industrial production to a traditional endeavor.” Due to the precision of Betts’ process in combination with organic source material, his work operates on a completely different visual level from run of the mill stripe paintings. Interestingly, the artist states that “void of forms or context, the visual sensation is isolated from memory and association that would dilute the experience…hopefully the work maintains a comfortable ambiguity between what is known and what is possible between the pictorial truth and our aspirations.”

Thursday, April 14, 2005


1 and 2 and 3 and hoooooooooollllllllllllllldddddddddddddd.

just wanted to let everyone know that scott got an internship with vito acconci this summer!

i'm determined to at least have dinner with him!

zach says: read jane fonda's new autobiography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


ron jeremy saves the day (what's yr take on cassavetes?)

this week i have been so exhausted. this accounts for my lack of postage. although, i do in fact have lots of things to share, but now i am not quite sure where to begin. does one start from the present or the past? hmm...well frank is here now; he has been here since the end of last week. he really loves berlin, this is definitely a big plus for me (everyday i'm like wouldn't you love to teach english here? you would wouldn't you?). He even took a flyer for a sublet today! good sign. he has even begun to speak german to people on the street, in shops, in restaurants, is really quite hysterical, but of course not in a patronizing sort of way.

i had searched for the m.i.a cd this week, but of course i was directed to none other than mya or mia, no no no! after all of my hopes were shattered i realised that "arular" is not coming out here until the end of april. so, ron jeremy came today and i made him buy it for me and bring it to germany with's so amazing. not only did he bring "arular," but i had informed both frank that the toilet paper here is rougher than sand paper here, so now we have about 20 rolls of "american" charmin, really no exaggeration. i wonder what customs would have thought? it's quite a funny mental image if you really thing about it. oh and also the fact that i made frank buy me tampons and bring them here also...i guess that might be a bit more amazing to envision...zach, i can hear your laugh from here...amazing!

oh...yes...before i forget...fucking bridget moved to fucking la to follow her fucking 44-yr old boyfriend...blach!

on a more exciting note i think that eva is coming to boston this summer to stay with us. she is coming for a few days in june and a few days in july, i think. very cool.

i realised a few days ago that le tigre were playing here tonight at maria am ostbahnhof. so, of course trying to figure out how to get tickets and where the concert actually is is quite a challenge. so, before today i kinda figured out where the concert was and also that i thought it was sold out. i didn't think it would be a big problem to get in, but actually it proved to be more of a challenge than i had thought. people here are not necessarily the friendliest and also it didn't seem like anyone had tickets to spare. after the show had already began by a few songs, they released 30 more tickets. so, i did in fact get in...the third time is the charm i guess, considering my other two opportunities in boston had failed. the show was very upbeat, and exciting...very tot home depot berlin style, hot! i finally got to see the matching outfits and dance moves combination that is quite a trademark. i guess people were beating each other up in the front or something, i did not see this, but i didn't expect a le tigre concert to be rowdy...a bit antithetical to their peaceful feminist ideology. i dunno, but my other breakthrough revelation was that katheen hannah does indeed know and try to sound like the x-rayspex. during "hot topic," they had this video with all of this artist memorabila, i guess you could call it and they were one band featured on there. connection confirmed.

there is so much going on here it is really hard to keep up, two nights ago boom bip played at the bastard club in prenzlauer berg but i found out a bit too late.

...and there is more art...
ethan you were definitely correct when you said the hamburger bahnhof is amazing!i have already been there twice already and i really want to go back again! i think that it definitely rivals the mass moca for me. the space is just phenomenal. i especially enjoyed the works of pipilottirist. I think I sat in front of her installations for hours. Partially because there was this gigantic furniture to sit on which was the coolest thing ever. i took frank there once and i think that HE even liked it...

there is also a group of galleries in this warehouse space by the goethe and in the courtyard there are these mechanical installations of these deadchickens. if you pay a euro you can watch them go spastic and die, quite a good way to kill a few minutes in mitte

and i also went to see monade, thanks to zach's tip, at the volksbuhne. the volksbuhne is such a great space. there are three different concert halls in the whole building. last week in the theater there, der meister und der margherita played. there is a great "bar" area to drink beer there with all of these large wooden boards, with old posters from their past shows. eveything from stereototal to autechre (who is playing next week here) to to roccoco rot. i think it was very cool. although, the opening band really was the "highlight" of the evening, their name was 'aisikl and they were compared to bonnie prince billy in the blurb, but they really really maybe bonnie prince billy with horrible lyrics and monotonous, boring music. but i really enjoyed monade, they made great use of harmonization, and the trombone. however, i believe that stereolab is better.

more details later...
viel spass.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Fire on the Side

Just a quick post to give you all an update on my location and a not so funny story.
I've been in NYC for the last two days. Today, around 8am, the fire alarm in Debbie's apartment went off. I was sure it was just someone vacuming. I was so tired I didn't even move. After a few minutes, Debbie went out in the hall to check it out. As soon as she opened the door you could smell the smoke. Oh, yes. Its true. The building was most definitely on fire. So being on the 18th floor we grabbed shoes and I grabbed my inhaler and ran out the door. We ran down 18 flights of stairs (the first 5 of which were really smokey). We ended up in the parking lot at 8:30am in our Pajamas and DAMN was it cold. We sat in the parking lot watching the flames in the windows of the 15th floor. It was actually pretty damn scary. There were a few people trapped in the building and the fire department had to break down the walls of near by apartments to get to them. Luckily, after 5 hours of sitting outside in flannel pants and a tshirt we were allowed back in. We had to walk up 18 flights of stairs, but when we got up there nothing in Debbie's apartment was damaged. Only 6 people were injured. I'm fine, Debbie's fine, Navy (Debbie's cat) is also fine. More later, after I sleep.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


official todd solondz report

so instead of paying some ridiculous amount of money and wading through the crowds at harvard tomorrow night, i decided to skip my poetry class and catch the screening of solondz's new film 'palindromes' at the mfa this afternoon. unfortunately it was a pretty disappointing experience--the film wasn't very good and solondz wasn't the most captivating speaker.

so the most notable thing about 'palindromes' is that it's the story of one girl in her early teens, but the character is played by eight different actresses of varying ages, races, etc. sounds cool, except that in execution it's pretty dumb. according to solondz the idea comes from noticing that a lot of people identified with some of his characters, even though they might not be entirely sympathetic.

quote from the notes handed out at the screening: "The curious thing is how sex, age, race, etc. play so limited a part in determining the degree to which a character is sympathetic. Perhaps this is why a sympathetic character is one that all types of people can relate to... So I wondered what would happen if I cast a number of different types of peopel as one character, a character who is wholly sympathetic. My fear was that it would come across as too much of an intellectual exercise, a show-offy but pointless trick, and alienate the audience. But my hope was that there would be a cumulative effect that would be more emotionally affecting than had there been just one actor: more magic, and less sleight of hand."

so basically he's just trying to cast a wider net--include more actresses of various shapes, sizes, and colors, get more people to identify. of course, this doesn't really make any fucking sense when they all play the same fucking character. jeez. just because the sullen little girl(s) we've seen throughout the film suddenly becomes a fat black woman playing a sullen little girl doesn't mean i'm going to identify any more with a sullen little girl.

of course, i had other problems with the film--i just didn't find it that funny, and solondz also seems to be pushing this idea of the palindrome "as a kind of loose metaphor for the ways in which we DON'T change. Like a palindrome that, instead of developing in different directions, folds back on itself, the self is a part-static thing. It is our 'palindromic' nature that the film explores, that part of ourselves that does NOT change, and that serves as one of the film's central themes: change vs. stasis." unfortunately this comes off in the film as just plain not being able to change, being stuck with your lot in life, because it's shoddy philosophy both conceptually and in execution. if you're going to talk about the 'static' part of the self, then you need to point out how that is not necessarily a defeatist viewpoint, otherwise you're just being morbidly depressing. i'm not some optimist who thinks 'anything is possible if you just try! even unicorns!' but by making the film itself palindromic (this isn't a spoiler, it's the title of the film for fuck's sake...) you're implying that change is impossible. and, if i may be blunt, fuck that.

ok, so i'll talk about what nicole and jess REALLY want to hear about, mr. solondz himself. i should start by saying that he's not as evil or even as stupid as i'm making him out to be here; it was pretty obvious that his heart is in the right place and his ideas for what 'palindromes' was supposed to be weren't so bad (unfortunately his sloppy filmmaking didn't get it across very well). as for his demeanor: imagine a slightly more nervous/awkward woody allen with a very soft, almost feminine voice. he seemed pretty uncomfortable and he stutters a lot, but he actually fielded the questions pretty well once he got into it a bit more, and he had a nice deadpan sense of humor. pretty unexciting, overall. like a jumpy uncle who has to deal with speaking to crowds fairly often but still can't get used to it. he almost fits that "you'd never expect this normal-looking man would make such crazy movies" cliche, which, now that i think about it, is also used in reference to pedophiles and rapists. go figure.

if you have more specific questions, hit dat comment box.

[ps. this would have been up sooner but blogger was pretending it didn't love me anymore.]

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Peachtree and Ostrich Eggs

Hey everyone! I am currently writing to you from a hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

My last few days in Florida were pretty good. I spent an evening at City Walk (which is Universal Studios) drinking 5 dollar Hurricanes with my friend Shannon from Minnesota. We ended up stumbling into a movie theater and seeing The Ring 2.. which was even worse then I thought it would be. And that’s pretty damn bad. Also, Movie theaters at City Walk have bars in them!

Next I rode to Atlanta with a Van full of crazy people. We got from Orlando to Atlanta in 6 hours.. which is record speed if you've ever done the drive before. On the way we passed a van full of Ostriches. Seriously. There were probably 15 of them in a truck. Pictures will be coming soon.

I was shocked at how beautiful Atlanta actually is. I've been there before but I really never noticed all the Modern Art scattered throughout the city. I walked around for a while and taking pictures of some of the sculptures etc. before I decided to do some museum hoping. I went to the GA MOCA I can't say that it was the most impressive museum I've ever been to.. but it was nice. I spent the evening hanging out at an out door Bar called Joe's Jupiter. It was nothing special but the music was nice and the waiters were FLAMING. Which made the place that much more entertaining.

Now I'm headed into DC. I'll write more later and I'll try to include some Ostrich pictures as well as some pictures of billboards I've collected. Got Jesus? I do!

By the way.. My cell phone has been acting all funky outside of Florida but its working now... sorry about that!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


mensche, sehr heiß.

here are the pictures from "the teaches of namosh and peaches," that i have promised you. they were taken by suzie, and they are really hot! just look at those pants!

today i went to the judische museum in Kreuzberg , has anyone been? it moved to a new location fairly recently. i thought that it was just going to be the same shit, actually i quite liked it. however, the building is basically the high point. it was built by daniel libeskind (wtc dude), and he includes a "holocaust tower," like a installation of what it was like to be in a concentration camp, but he does in a rather alternative method and a "garden of exile," which is like a slanted stone "garden" memorial, also very cool. and of course it wouldn't be berlin if there wasn't a cool installation (even in a fricken jewish museum) of these metal faces that one can walk on and it makes this loud, disturbing cacophonic sound.

off to watch italian football (i'm in europe, i must)

Monday, April 04, 2005


sesame roads

one highlight of a weekend in which i did hardly a damn thing: pat o'neill.

hfa was showing one recent work, "the decay of fiction" (2003), and an older one, "water and power" (1990). totally amazing. read this "decay of fiction" review, it's pretty good. the film has evidently been made into an interactive exhibit, which seems just as good as the film itself (that site also has a good bio)

and zach, you'll be pleased to know that he was the the founding assistant dean of film and video at calarts.


today i tried to make myself feel better by buying things. it pretty much worked, i must admit. i picked up the april issue of the wire, two new albums (m.i.a.'s arular and akron/family self-titled), a brand-new DVD of takashi miike's ichi the killer (based mostly on the picture nicole posted awhile back but also because this cheesy bravo 'top 100 scariest movie moments' thing--see, my weekend really was that exciting--had a section on another miike film called "audition" that looks quite intense. i need to find more films by the guy who made 'go, go second time virgin'. hello, tokyo... END DIGRESSION). the music is pretty damn good, the wire has an invisible jukebox with ira cohen and primer on the lovely grime i've been so into lately (thanks internet!), and i just found out akron/family is touring as michael gira's (aka. angels of light, aka ex-swans frontman, aka head of young god records) backup band and will be visiting great scott on the twelfth!

so, yeah... buy things? you'll feel better?

------- look a stegosaurus!!!

i really shouldn't post when i'm stoned.

ps. oh fuck, those renaissance palace guard dudes guarding that pile of robes and bones make me crack up. so gangsta. you know if jay-z or p.diddy or some other rich rap mogul had their funeral all planned out they'd have made provisons for that kind of shit. every time someone says "the pope" they should be required to stomp their feet and bang those scepters. "THE POPE!"

fuck kunst

so this weekend i saw art, drank beer, saw more art, ate good food, slept, drank more beer, and saw more art--oh and a bit of shopping too.

thanks to zach's wonderful recommendation i went to the neue nationalgalerie (exhibition) to see carsten nicolai's "syn cron" installation before it ended on Sunday. it was very cool; the highlight of the museum really. although, they did have some very interesting joseph beuys, barnett newman, bruce nauman, andy warhol (elvis, marilyn, ambulance crash), and a few others, but the installation was the highlight. on the main floor, there was this big white pod that one could go inside of and sit/lay against it and watch lasers dance around and listen to some rather glitchy, yet seemingly serene and calming sounds/noises/beats. i also took a gallerie tour (with the goethe this weekend), there are so many galleriers just hidden in alleys and courtyards around the city center, its so amazing. i will come back to this later, however during this gallerie tour we saw the work of olaf nicolai, which happens to be carsten's brother. he has a work up called "the blondes," at the eigen + art gallerie. It is a photograph documentation of blonde people. germans love their photographic catalogues, don't they, aka august sander. olaf's other work looks interesting too. anyhow, this struck me as interesting.

i also checkout this placed called dock 11 it is a collection of dance studios in this amazing warehouse space in prenzlauer berg. it is an a street called kastanienallee, where there is also great shopping, and many amazing looking restaurants, bars, and cafes. so, I went to go see this video installation/performance art/modern dance performance called how long. the warehouse space that the performance was in was so cool. there was one row of chairs and one row of pillows on the floor for sitting. i sat on the floor. so, there was great electronic music (reminded me of instrumental radiohead) to accompany the video installation (which was projected on 2 screens and the performers were in front of this), which the performers interacted with while they were dancing/performing. they also made interesting use of shadows and props (rocks, flowers, a ladder, a bucket, etc..). the performance was self-reflective, and explored fundamental human questions like life, death, curiosity, restlessness, etc... the entire thing was performed in a very small space probably 30ftx30ft. also, very enjoyable.

and some nite life. 8mmbar is not a good place to go alone. it is very small and everyone stares at you, but they do project films on the wall and play decent music. roter salon, this place is cool too. it is part of a large multi-cultural center called the volksbuehne. i figured out that this is where monade is playing. anyhow, i made the mistake of going when there were really bad swedish and british indie rock bands playing, but it is a cool place regardless. damn! and this was just friday. more later. i need to get to the guggenheim today before class, its free. ciao.

Sunday, April 03, 2005



dear bostonians,

if anyone is going to see todd solondz this friday at 7 at the HFA, i would like detailed account of his demeaner. it seriously plagues me on a day to day basis and i would like to know what the man is like.
far and away...


so. i don't know who knows, but for those of you who don't--i'm in wv for the weekend visiting my parents and sarah.

this place is a shithole. i'm so fucking bored. sarah and i went to wallmart and walked around today--that's how bored i am. we went to the electronics section and turned up all the display radios that were playing to max volume and hid down another aisle....continuing to watch wallmart employees get pissed off...

(why do i feel like i spelled wallmart wrong? or better yet, why do i give a shit?)

scott is in san francisco right now. that fucker. i was so excited to come home because i thought it would be warmer. but of course, it snowed here today.

as for schools: thus far, i've gotten into the museum school, the slade, chicago-undergrad, and san francisco. i got my sfai fin. aid pack today. well, i got a full ride--in fucking loans. the school really just doesn't have money to give out lots of grants. i basically got $43,000 for the whole year. i only need like $25000 of it for tuition. however, only $4000 of it is grant money....the rest--loans, loans, loans. i did get $4000 for workstudy. so right now san fran isn't looking so good.
still waiting to here from chicago for post-bac. i was told that i would get a letter on the 1st of may or after...which is so fucked up because all the other schools what to know if i'm going to go there by the 1st of may!

ethan, the fucking invocation of my demon brother soundtrack! goddamn, i've wanted that for so long! i haven't been to ubuweb in months. now, i'm going every day! i'll call you soon. i have a secret to share with you.

nicole, did you rectify the blue balls problem??

jess, i can't believe you got down and dirty with peaches! have you gone shopping??? i want shoes and a bag!!!

brendan, when are you visiting the mid-west again? i want to meet up when you are!

i watched antonioni's zabriskie point. hot: 60s california. i can't think of a better combo. and for those of you who haven't seen contempt yet, shame on you!

my life is boring now. more later.

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