Tuesday, February 08, 2005


delicious desert weirdness

So let's see, at this point I'm about 45 minutes into El Topo and so far there has been: the gory aftermath of a massacre, group rape of some monks, a castration, and a blind yogi/guru gunfighter with a symbiotic henchman duo consisting of a guy with no arms who carries around another guy with no legs on his back. Oh yeah, and the main character takes his totally naked seven year-old son with him for about the first half hour.

[edit] After reading that over, I realized I should mention that the dubbing is hilariously awful and far from "convincing." I should also mention that the second half of the film is about ten times more fucked up. All persons residing in my vicinity should note that I am willing to watch this film again, but only if there will be ingesting of tasty mind-altering food concoctions.

Expect copious Jodorowsky links in the near future.
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