Thursday, February 10, 2005


"Two cripples make one John Wayne"

Shit! In the course of searching for Jodorowsky stuff, I came across a few interesting websites, most exceptionally: xploitedcinema. They sell a box set of El Topo and Holy Mountain! It's put out by the same Italian company as those Warhol DVDs Zach got; it's region-free, but unfortunately in PAL. There's a ton of other stuff in there: in the 'Art-House' section alone they've got some of that Warhol, a ton of Peter Greenaway, Derek Jarman, Pasolini, Fellini, Un chant d'amour by Genet(!), the French Un chien andalou/L'age d'or set, a complete set of Jean Vigo's films, a La jetee and Sans soliel set from Chris Marker, a version of Man With a Movie Camera featuring a score by Michael Nyman, Sweet Movie by Makavejev(!)... I'm gonna stop now because this is going to get out of control. Man, I need a region-free DVD player! Fuck you Zach!

also: revok seems to be based on the same principle as 5minutesonline.
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