Monday, March 07, 2005


battle rhymes for battle times


i don't want it to seem like i'm chronically reading myself into smart people here (see part 4), but i can't help but quoting a bit of that soft pink truth invisible jukebox and noting that it's pretty much the exact same trajectory i've followed over the past, oh, six or seven years. creepy.

"But I will say that between punk rock and academica for me there is a continuity. When I discovered punk rock I was also discovering a set of critical attitudes towards the society around me which was the key to unlock something. When I discovered certain forms of critical theory like psychoanalysis or Situationist-inflected Marxism, these are keys to unlock what's around you, to criticise ideologies, to criticise gender. What's implicit in a lot of punk rock is a critical stance."

see, i've been fooling myself into believing that i'm smarter than everyone else by submersing myself in media that serve to reinforce that belief for a long time now!

ps. drew daniel has a really goofy laugh.


a bunch of people who post on internet message boards about letting music completely bitchwhip their entire lives has created a blog wherein said people post, a track at a time, an entire mix cd. they're working on a third right now. i've put together the first two, and goddamn if there aren't some fucking amazing songs. like grace jones getting a bit lost herself in joy division's "she's lost control." dance/funk/disco weirdness. yes.

the entire effect reminds me very much of the four tet "late night tales" mix, although very much off on a different tangent, but nevertheless a very good thing. yes.

and now that i look at the tracklist of that four tet album--i'm missing the last two songs, including one by manitoba! yes.
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