Monday, March 14, 2005


don't be such a kunst.

i hear a green world
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speaking of bruce nauman... that's roya from my study abroad program and her boyfriend jackson inside a little nauman construction in berlin.

the hamburger bahnhof is awesome. i don't know if i ever stressed to everyone how amazing what we saw there really was. click on the link and read about the freidrich christian flick collection (click the picture then 'collection').

what we weren't quite aware of at the time beyond the level of rumor* was that the whole thing is rather controversial--apparently flick's grandfather was a well-know nazi war criminal. unfortunately the magazine that the museum administration put together to talk about the various issues at hand is all in german (you can read some general info on the site under 'newspaper'), but handy me found a very general BBC article and a much better one on artnet that interviews some artists as well.
in other weird offspring-of-a-notorious-person news, dario argento's daughter asia has a movie showing at the new york underground film festival called The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things; the trailer is worth checking out. she appears to be an experienced actress (judging by the length of her imdb entry); mostly french films and stuff directed by her father (go figure), although she did star opposite vin diesel in XXX! i remember someone very booby slinking around in the adverts but there are always slinky booby people in spy movies i guess. it also looks like this is the seventh thing she's directed, which could of course be a good or a bad omen, depending on how you look at it. whatever. it's got marilyn manson in it. boringpopculturenamecheckingwoohoo!

*actually roya might have known, i'm a dumbass though and just enjoyed the hell out of it.

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