Wednesday, March 30, 2005


world's tiniest poot

so today i had my teach for america interview, 'twas quite interesting. i was pretty nervous during my sample lesson but whatever, i did good in the actual interviewing. the teach for america employees (both ex-teachers in the program) were kinda scary, in a "it's so great to see all of your interest in joining our movement!" kind of way. i mean, it's definitely for a good cause, but i still felt like i was joining a cult.

some of the sample lessons were frightening though... one girl said hers was intended for "pre-kindergarden" (not an option as far as i know) and proceeded to hand out barnyard animal finger puppets and have us sing "old mcdonald." in the course of doing this she noted that "sheep are important because [something garbled about europe and milk and cows] and their wool is where we get the cotton to make our clothes! [chucks puppet at someone] and we eat their meat. " she's graduating from BU. of course. then another girl had a little lesson about the freedoms granted to us by our constitution which basically amounted to we have the liberty and freedom to work a job, buy a house or a car, and have a family. mmhmm. of course, i made jokes about my hair using double negatives and then quoted george orwell (shut up, it was good example).

if anyone wants some mp3s of jonny greenwood's performance at the ether festival that just took place in london (two totally awesome instrumental pieces--i'm talking like steve reich kinda good--as well as two radiohead tracks) just let me know and i'll gmail them to you.

ALSOALSOALSO!!!! did anyone know that ubuweb has classic avant-garde films you can download and watch? check it out--kenneth anger, un chien andalou, john cage, guy debord, marcel duchamp, 37 short fluxus films, isidore isou, laszlo moholy-nagy, robert morris & stan vanderbeek, robert rauschenberg, man ray, hans richter, harry smith, and jack smith! granted they're probably low-quality rips, but talk about good stuff--holy shit!

(also, mick jagger's soundtrack to 'invocation of my demon brother'. can we award ubuweb the Best Website in the World Award yet?)

oh yes, for katie/non-blogger-users/ghosts/government agents out there who might be reading this, i made comments open to anyone. use that shit!

(ps. more MU.)
I want those Mp3's!! Gmail em over pleeeeaassee :-)

Congrats on a good Interview! you'll be warping the minds of small children any day now! hahahaa
hey, thanks for those emails, they will be of great help to me when i eventually make it to Praha. don't worry ethan i won't let you down! oh and by the way, i forgot to tell you my new email address, it's
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