Tuesday, April 19, 2005


adult kindergarden

+++ the little mini-interview pitchfork did with devendra banhart about his forthcoming album is hilarious. he's a lot easier to appreciate if you enjoy gibberish. don't know what that says about his music, but whatever...

and this feature on finnish free folk is making me go insane in about four different directions at once (not the least of them being that marvelous alliteration).

+++ famous redheads! amazing stuff in there, especially the historical redheads--napoleon bonaparte, lizzie borden, cleopatra, columbus, general custer, judas, nero, stalin's daughter (no implications are implied in regards to redheads i know, many of them are quite wonderful people when not trying to maim me in some fashion).

+++ jahsonic has been killing it lately... roger corman, folk is not a four letter word, henri-georges clouzot's la prisonniere, and sophia loren (click on that picture, there's more). and this fascinating tidbit:

Female ejaculation and the British film censors
In the United Kingdom, the British Board of Film Classification denies the existence of the phenomenon of female ejaculation, regarding it instead as urination during sex, thus banning its depiction under its rules that ban the depiction of urolagnia. --wikipedia link [Apr 2005]

that site is a vortex i get hopelessly sucked into nearly every day... via clicking on the word misappropriation in an entry about garage music i went from an entry about (correct) appropriation in which the example used titian's venus of urbino to thinking about the mark rappaport films (in which he appropriates that painting amongst others--like peter greenaway but in his own way) to searching jahsonic for mark rappaport which led me to a huge-ass essay by dr. harry m. benshoff which i shall probably read in some distant future but nonetheless looks interesting.

+++ jess! tell us about prague!
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