Monday, April 04, 2005


sesame roads

one highlight of a weekend in which i did hardly a damn thing: pat o'neill.

hfa was showing one recent work, "the decay of fiction" (2003), and an older one, "water and power" (1990). totally amazing. read this "decay of fiction" review, it's pretty good. the film has evidently been made into an interactive exhibit, which seems just as good as the film itself (that site also has a good bio)

and zach, you'll be pleased to know that he was the the founding assistant dean of film and video at calarts.


today i tried to make myself feel better by buying things. it pretty much worked, i must admit. i picked up the april issue of the wire, two new albums (m.i.a.'s arular and akron/family self-titled), a brand-new DVD of takashi miike's ichi the killer (based mostly on the picture nicole posted awhile back but also because this cheesy bravo 'top 100 scariest movie moments' thing--see, my weekend really was that exciting--had a section on another miike film called "audition" that looks quite intense. i need to find more films by the guy who made 'go, go second time virgin'. hello, tokyo... END DIGRESSION). the music is pretty damn good, the wire has an invisible jukebox with ira cohen and primer on the lovely grime i've been so into lately (thanks internet!), and i just found out akron/family is touring as michael gira's (aka. angels of light, aka ex-swans frontman, aka head of young god records) backup band and will be visiting great scott on the twelfth!

so, yeah... buy things? you'll feel better?

------- look a stegosaurus!!!

i really shouldn't post when i'm stoned.

ps. oh fuck, those renaissance palace guard dudes guarding that pile of robes and bones make me crack up. so gangsta. you know if jay-z or p.diddy or some other rich rap mogul had their funeral all planned out they'd have made provisons for that kind of shit. every time someone says "the pope" they should be required to stomp their feet and bang those scepters. "THE POPE!"
how's "arular"?? i've been waiting for it for like two fucking months! M.I.A is so hot...i need to find it here.

...can't type my fing yo'!
re: M.I.A... let's just put it this way--it's so damn catchy that i haven't been able to do any reading today because the shit is monopolizing my brainspace.

if i could figure out why gmail won't let me send big files i would sent it to you.

no no no you should ALWAYS post while you're stoned.
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