Saturday, April 16, 2005


s/he is her/e

genesis p-orridge's website is very kickass--an infrequently updated but still excellent blog, tons of writing, and a very cool shop (i totally love this t-shirt). i recommend checking out the "to be ex dream" bio.

in other news: been seeing a ton of great films lately. ichi the killer is fantastic; zach, check it out! intensely gory and way over-the-top, and the boredoms did the soundtrack! caught a selection of ed emshwiller stuff at balangan on thursday: lifelines (1960), film with three dancers (1970), thanatopsis (1962), totem (1963), and relativity (1966), which is justifiably a classic. i remember reading that jaroslav kucera, vera chytilova's husband and the cinematographer for daisies, visited the states and said he enjoyed emshwiller's stuff a lot; there's definitely a connection there. i also caught heaven's gate at the brattle, and a bu cinematheque screening of a documentary about the film, which is perhaps the archetypical example of a giant hollywood film gone out of control (read about it here). i don't think it's quite as bad as the press made it out to be--bullshit like titanic or the godfather is just as bad, if not worse, in my opinion, and the film is actually a rather strong indictment of the government/landowner exploitation of immigrants in the american west, so that's cool. it's still fairly bloated though, and lacking in real artistic value, as you might expect (by the way, my vote for worst place to see a movie in boston goes to the brattle--the projectionist fucked up every single reel change, leaving us sitting in the dark for about five minutes during the final battle sequence, the sound was garbagecantastic, and the fucking screen has big seams down the middle of it--totally lame, especially for a big lush epic like heaven's gate).

i've also been watching jess's documentaries: hell house (fundamentalists are so fucking creepy!), nico: icon, and superstar: the life and times of andy warhol, which is actually a crap documentary but the mere fact that it's about warhol saves it. i don't really think the man's life could ever be uninteresting....

tonight nicole and i are going to see some resnais films at harvard. one is a short he did with chris marker. fucking awesome. tomorrow night: animal collective! and no school on monday because some crazy people are gonna run in the streets!

on tuesday night i caught angels of light and akron/family at great scott (not an altogether terrible place to see a show, for what it's worth; small, and bad views of the stage, but if it's not crowded it'll do). they were fantastic, michael gira is awesome, and i was really impressed with akron/family. i bought a t-shirt, it has geese on it. hooray. visit young god records. read michael gira's latest newsletter (box on the right). recall the piece he did for the wire's "epiphanies" section in the mf doom issue. zach, they're playing in chicago tonight! go!

finally, i should say that i didn't get into teach for america. oh well.
but the andy warhol documentary is so entertaining! i guess, the warhol documentary is perhaps the most upbeat of the three..but i don't really know if this counts for anything...i have some good andy warhol paraphenalia to give you when i get's amazing!
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