Saturday, April 23, 2005


that word 'broadminded' is spelled 'S-I-N'

i finished the mix i've been working on. download here. now you all must endure the horrible fury of my penchant for novelty songs and bizarre vocals! it will only be up for a week, so get it now. drop a comment if you missed it.

i had a great post all typed up--twice, TWICE i had it finished and ready to post. but no. no. first i was thwarted by blogger, and then by safari. so unfortunately all i can offer is a tracklist, because further attempts to provide happy explanations and informative links will inevitably result in failure and a subsequent murderous rampage. sorry.

all covered in wire and bits of old tire
1. the soft pink truth - "lookin' back (carol channing)"
2. peter l. batsin - "how to make a tape recorder"
3. levy lorenzo - "hamster midi" (webpage)
4. DAT politics - "yha hoo tuning"
5. TRS-80 - "phantom power"
6. steve beresford - "vaio-id14"
7. karera musication - "ten" from ichi the killer (original soundtrack)
8. dave douglas - "the mystic lamb"
9. pancho sings - "i left my heart in san francisco"
10. rosa yemen - "herpes simplex"
11. public image, ltd. - "no birds"
12. boye - "mikrosvet" (via orbis quintus)
13. les georges leningrad - "lollipop lady"
14. dr. octagon - "intro"
15. dosh - "building a strange child"
16. meadow house - "tit for tat" (more info here and here)
17, laurie anderson - "o superman" (top 20 hit in the UK!)
Laurie Anderson!? YES!
Any chance of having this re-uploaded?
[... ] is another nice source of tips on this issue[...]
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