Saturday, May 07, 2005


the coronation of the indignant sphincter

kid kameleon's blog is well worth checking out, as is the mix he just did for mashit (some of whom were playing at the massart show nicole brendan and i went to).

"...and I hope I'm not being too tell all, I learned that at least one of the Matmos's holds down a full time job that is not dissimilar to my job. I've sort of been pondering this all week... I just assumed that Bjork wrote them a check every month and that was that, but no ... man, what kind of country do I live and make music in where Matmos have full time jobs to pay the bills ... C'mon, it's fucking Matmos! ... sigh)

he also came across this: Chocolypse Now, which is really a lot funnier than i thought it would be, i.e. "This is how the world ends / this is how the world ends / not with a truffle / but with a ding-dong." the guys who wrote it have another one called the dada detective, which tickles my fancy as well.


katie taking photos of that U2 cover band* got me thinking: would anyone care to join me in my nirvana cover band, "mosquito libido"? i guarantee entertainment, and no musical experience is necessary--instead of "playing" "instruments" (how antique!) we will instead conduct listening sessions followed by moderated deconstructive critical/artistic discussion. this shall take place entirely on the internet, mind you. see? look how easy! no corporeal presence required!


hot top 10 that will hopefully get me a job:

caribou -- the milk of human kindness
akron/family -- self-titled
13 & god -- self-titled
gang gang dance -- god's money
m.i.a. -- arular
the books -- lost and safe
autechre -- untilted
konono no. 1 -- congotronics
william basinski - melancholia
double leopards and wolf eyes -- breeding turbines vol. 1
scritti politti - early
six organs of admittance -- school of the flower
alva noto - transrapid
jaga jazzist -- what we must
charalambides -- our bed is green
daedelus -- exquisite corpse
les georges leningrad -- deux hot dogs moutade chou
edan -- beauty and the beat
the soft pink truth -- do you want new wave or do you want the soft pink truth?

how the hell am i supposed to narrow that down to ten? i can pick a few out, i guess. m.i.a., jaga jazzist, caribou. maybe edan and the double leopards/wolf eyes, but the rest of it... shit. i've always hated top 10 lists.


zach, i need to hear that new vashti bunyan/animal collective ep. i really can't wait until you get here, it's just not possible. g-g-g-g-gmail* that shit to me? ethanawhite @. i'll love you forever.


I'm gonna go watch andrei rublev. the weather is so miserable that only a three-plus russian epic about god is going to cheer me up.


*i would link to the article but fuck the boston globe for not letting you look at stuff from a week ago without registering.
**i promise to never ever make a g-unit joke again, i just couldn't help it. so totally inappropriate i had to do it. i almost bought a pair of g-unit sneakers at the mall a couple weeks ago. then i decided it would be about as funny as that joke (i.e. not really, and certainly not for more than a day or two). then i thought they were just sneakers and i should just get them if i liked them. i paced around for a minute in extreme pop cultural panic and then decided i can't in my right mind give money to people who wear referee shirts. it was liberating. all this took place after getting a haircut and buying a rubbery thing for my ipod, so don't worry, i'm still a tool.
you could always use to get a password for the globe so you dont really have to register.....
just a thought...
but you see, it's the PRINCIPLE of it.

plus i tried and the one they gave me didn't work.
dear ethan-

you (and zach) need to overcome your raging boners for forced exposure. i really do fear that soon you will die, because there won't be any blood left for your head.
look man--it's a lot fucking better than a goddamn coffee shop. and don't act like you wouldn't love the shit out of working there.
Hell of a mix, what with the Six Organs, Kinono #1 and Edan.
everybody get random! (could be my motto)

ps. my ire in the previous comment was directed toward the coffee shop, not brendan. well, maybe a little bit at brendan. this is the blog of pretension, after all. no hating on the wire/forced exposure end of the spectrum allowed.
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